Thursday, February 3, 2011


The two mole maids were particularly beguiling. I think they were sisters. One of them had something wrong with her eye. It went a little bit crazy at times and turned out to examine the wall. So Jonathon gave her a tiny tasty-q of his blood and.....IT WENT AWAY! The other sister got jealous. She wanted to be a bit more perfect herself. So she pouted and sulked till he gave her a little gift too. This sister was squeemish and didn't know if she would 'like' it, so she asked him to dribble it into a can of Spaghetti-O's for her and she ate it that way Now Jonathon told her. He did. He really did. I know, for I was sublimating through all three of them (quite a pleasant way to spend a bit of eternity) and it's the truth. He told her that the 'ingredients' in that 'easy to fix' treat might alter the outcome. But she didn't care. This little snip who had never once been up to the surface knew everything, don't you know. So she stirred it all up with a popsicle stick and guzzled it right down. (mole people sometimes have such strange manners). At first nothing happened. She burped a bit. Her stomach gurgled and I think she tooted once or twice. But then things seemed to quiet down. Her sister and their vampire princeling began to tidy up their snug, little alcove. After all, some of the niceities of society must be observed. Then they pulled on a few pieces of clothing, sat down and watched. Jonathon knew that 'something' would happen. He pushed the small. flickering sterno flame close to her and they studied her in its dim, orange glow. Soon she started to giggle

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