Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pixilated Goings-On In Old Jerusalem.....why? it could happen.

So Jonathon wants to kill that vampire Frenchman and Sarah is so contrite (satisfied and contrite) she spends all her time sneaking into hospitals and giving little, life saving droplets of her blood to sick children (from all faith and cultural communities) languishing in sick beds all over this magical city. A few of them think she's one of the X-Men (or X-Women).

Our Andalucian life-eater sublimates through the byways of Zion looking for Jean-Michel. What will he do should he find him? Who knows? You know how these vampires are, all impulse and dramatic bluster. Probably just shatter a lot a plate glass windows (providing the psycho-kenetic juices are up to par), make a mess a throbbing, sub-sonic grunts, sit down, talk, share a big fat juicy victim and man-hug their way to a new beginning. They ain't fools. It's like the mafia. Nobody wants to score a hit if they can help it...or possibly be identified. Because what comes around goes around (did I say that right?). Sure Jonathon was hurt. Sarah is connected to him in more ways than one, both vampirically and physically. It gets extremely complicated. Good thing vampires are immortal, or they'd all have hemophilia.

But the jinns are still at it. That old witch got 'em all fired up. Lifted dessicated bone-puppets out of two thousand year old graves, dancin' 'em around the Mount of Olives like ancient Judean Howdy Doodies or something. A bunch a German and Filipino tourists on a special visit start throwin' up they hands and prayin' and singin' that it is the Second Coming, not to mention the Hasidic contingent there to visit some rabbi's grave, who start gallopin' 'round like demented Blues Brothers there for the first personnal appearance of the  actual, true, get-him-while-He's-hot Messiah......A kid from Toronto put 'em all on You-Tube. They got a lot a vampire-magic shit on You-Tube.....Remember Bob? (long-time regulars will know who I mean)...Remember all that stuff out behind The Olive Garden and out front of that big, Broad Street temple in Philadelphia? (ditto that long-term crap). People see that stuff, but they don't believe any of it. Some of 'em do. But most chalk it all up to some kind of special effects, or optical illusions. You gotta have some BIG shit to impress people now-a-days......That's where the universal dream comes in..........

Every tenth person clinging to this spinnin' ball a dirt woke up from the same dream...They heard it, a voice calling in the dark, soothing and comforting (but still a little scary, 'cause they was driftin' through the dark and all) saying----- I am The Unity like unto there is none else......No 'thing' can seperate Me from thee.....I am the Creed For All Creation.....I am the One True Shining Faith......I am the Pure and Simple Thing.....I am the True Road Home....(and here He seemed a little bit dissapointed and hurt) I am One, so you are one............But as the voice faded out, they saw a rapidly flashing image of all mankind, plus some unusual bastids from what I guess are other planets. Then it was over and they all peed the bed (if they were sleeping in beds)....And that was it....Few of 'em said anything (I guess they were embarrassed 'bout the wet sheets and all)...But they all knew it...They all remembered what happened......And little by little they started acting different to each other.

That's when they found the two kids, the ones with the strange disease, the Israeli one and the 'Ishmaeli' one. Well, actually certain parties 'produced' them a couple days ago. But this is when it really started to get big. Hell, even Brian Williams came to town.............

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