Tuesday, August 23, 2011


this is not our usual bog. just a short bit of info. the A.C. area shook. walls vibrated. no tsunami (we hope). BAYLAH felt it. the vamps in philly felt it too. BAYLAH was ready to run. her boyfriend has a car with blacked out windows in his garage. they were all set to drive inland.

vampires especially fear disasters that stike during the day. if a tsunami hits at night, they just go with it and let it drag them out to sea. they don't need oxygen. they'll swim, or walk back along the bottom. they would survive that.

the elves and cherubs in philly were all shaken up. but Papa creates something like a vulcan mind meld and he has them all calmed down now. edith, or Jersey Piney 'seer' (she's back with the philly contingent) suspects more to come. she smiles knowingly annd chuckles quietly. but that one does enjoy her drama, so I don't know if she really sees this, or if it is just wishful thinking.

the mole people living in the old unused subway tunnels beneath the city are worried. And a few sloppy loo-loos are acting kind of crazy, but they always look a little weird to me.

I'm telling you, browse through our older posts. we have about 320 of them. you'll learn a lot. we got paranormal info busting out the wazoo.

my new rolex submariner is all right. and that guy at the somers point diner knew a lot about Bono. no cracks in the margate house (beach block too). I was all set to run. Hell, I seen that movie where teoni leoni and her dad get flattened by that wave. you know what 'coastal frankenstein' says---tsunami baaaaddddd.......

more REAL STUFF coming later.....provided I don't get pulverized and crushed under a mound of wave driven debris.

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