Monday, November 21, 2011


Lailah understood. She knew it all. Everything she saw was but illusion. The light existed because she expected it. The keratin-like shell forming the skin of this worldlet was not real. Great Saturn still loomed overhead, accompanied by a retinue of moons. She recognized the details from N.A.S.A. footage on the web. Was it true? Was she there, nine hundred million miles from home?

Other beings floated by. Some seemed human. Some did not. All eyes, or what served as eyes, locked upon the centrality of this place. And her physical form began to dissolve as she approached. Tiny particles of matter streamed back from her body, as if ripped by the solar wind. Yet she felt to pain, but only a rich, all encompassing, golden warmth. And then she heard the 'chimes.'

These creatures are made from songs. The beings we call 'Enemy' resonate through creation like avenging echos. Is it us they resent, or our solid form? And she tingled as a symphony of frequencies enveloped her.  While back on Earth, her father heard her call. He bowed his head and prayed.

Learned men and women gathered to share knowledge. They met in a partitioned off, smaller banquet room of a Jerusalem hotel. The location was secure enough. No need for the complex in the desert. This was just a discussion. Somme of the senior vampires were there too. Their particular abilities may prove useful. A woman from Edinburgh had a plan. She wanted to use the experimental ion drive engines, send a vampiric crew out to Europa, or Saturn, or wherever 'they' were and have them sublimate through the 'enemy' core, in an effort to shred them up. Papa said - You're gonna need a lot of vampires. Do you know how 'big' these entities might be? Lady, that would be like sticking pins in a rhino.....There was silence for a few heartbeats. Then a man put down his glass of shav borscht, cleared his throat (remember, he was drinking shav borscht) and asked - Then what would you have us do? .............. Papa exhaled, collected his thoughts for a moment and said - Move the ship. Did you ever play Strateego, or Battleship, or whatever it's called? The juvenile examples of my form enjoy such pass times. And they know how  to re-position a threatened stronghold...........The representative of a Shang Hai think tank said - Excuse me, sir, what would you have us do, move the whole Earth?........... Papa smiled and replied through prayerful fingers - Well, that, my friend, is a distinct possibility.

Just a few leagues away, Jonathon helped Sarah undress, as they prepared to rest. The dead were safe in morgues. The injured stowed in hospitals. And the media kept in protective custody. No one in authority wanted this story to get out. Even in those locations where the Armonicas actually worked, reporters were still prevented from reporting. This was too big. The stakes were too high. What am I saying 'too high'? This is it. This is the end of the game. You ever watch 'em play poker on TV? You ever see where Chris Ferguson stands up and goes 'all in'? Well, wide up, assholes, 'cause there ain't no other hands after this..... Unless we win........... So Jonathon and his consort removed their clothing and snuggled into the fine, Egyptian cotton sheets. There were no windows. The complex ran underground. But it was still thought best to keep the vampires to their regular schedule. Sleep away the light. Worry through the dark. Their assigned space was like a small, private compartment on a stationary Orient Express. No motion rocked our twosome toward their nap.

He tried to nip her earlobe. She turned away. He massaged her abdomen. She ignored him. Now please do not suppose Sarah was angry. She was not. But his path was not hers. She resented his absences. The times he went away. The nights he spoke to others. His methods and his dreams. Something deep inside told her we'd survive. The world would go on. The enemies eventually forgotten. Was it magic? ....... Who cares?....

Relationships among life-eaters move slowly, like ice breakers through the Bering Sea. Centuries stand in for seasons. And millennia pass like years. So she laid there, and silently accommodated him, while her mind framed other things.....

Feel that tickle on your leg? See the spark that isn't there? Parallel worlds are everywhere. Some quite like us. Some quite not. Be happy with the one you got.......... Berma Shave.....


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