Sunday, November 20, 2011


Edith and the others are watching a country music special on PBS. It's from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. In case you do not know it, that is Temple Mount for American Music. The Grand Ole Opry started there generations ago. Some of my people came up to Philadelphia from the Virginia-NorthCarolina border lands. That was more than one hundred years ago. Hey Good Lookin' was my favorite as a toddler. Shame, don't see too many two dollar bills no more. Funny how cultures mix. I been lookin' for a gospel Kol Nidre service ever since. Not that the original ain't holy roller enough, but a little variation never hurt. You know what I mean?

The elves and cherubs don't go out flying much. They are scared. Crazy sh*t is happenin' in the Pines. We had some more 'bloody eyed' people runnin' 'round. Nobody we know. Nobody close to us. But we still heard about it. Snatched a little four seater outta the air too. Headin' for Atlantic City, I guess. God knows where it is now.

Edith says them as we call 'The Enemy' is testin' things out. Or maybe just makin' up their minds about us? She sucks up a lotta images. Gets 'em from the air. We heard what happened outside a Jerusalem. Saw it on my laptop. They got secret sites you don't know about..... real secret. You have to click onto two or three other places to see 'em. And Israel wasn't the only one. Those crystal, harmonic contraptions must be real touchy, 'cause about seventyfive  percent of 'em went kah-pooey.  Sixteen ballerinas from the Bolshoi Ballet and the Czarina Alexandra too came cartwheelin' outta the sky over Jakarta. Lucky they was over water, 'cause  now the Mother of All the Russians is recuperating in a Singapore hospital eating Geno's Pizza Rolls and drinkin' Pepsi Cola. Makes her gassy, but who the hell's gonna say? Already got some agents down from Voladivostok   tryin' to snatch her up and smack her back down on the throne. And poor Tokyo has to deal with a wild Godzilla for about the umpteenth time. Only now it's real. Can you imagine sweepin' up all that Godzilla sh*t? Damn, that bitch is over four hundred feet tall. Story is Buffalo Bill and his Congress of Rough Riders came gallopin' down a moonbeam right in front a the two thousand bastids waitin' to see the Armonica try-out, so they just stayed in they seats and enjoyed the show. Hear Kelly Clarkson's gonna join the act in Vegas.

You know how people are. They just shove they heads in the dirt and take things as they come. Sure, some a them survival types is stockin' up on petrified tuny fish and condensed beer, but most a that crap probably gonna show up at a tail-gatin' or something, or maybe like for trick-a-treats

Doctor Franklin calls on the phone every day or so. He likes the little ones. Wants a keep in touch with the elves and cherubs. But he talks a lot. You know how he is.Intelligent, but not too smart.  That's why Jeffrey Lurie don't have him up to no Super Box no more. Hell wid it. Let him  watch the game at Chickie n Pete's wid everybody else. Juss another old fart in an Eagle sweatshirt. Am I right? Mermaid-Hag likes the games too. She'll sit in her little scooter, so that ain't no trouble. 'Cept she keeps losin' her blanket and yankin' them shells off. Ninety six percent a the folks in there might be too drunk to notice, but  management don't like it. Damn, you can't even nurse a baby in that joint. Like if you were a lactating woman, I mean.

So either we hoomin beans are gonna find a way to confront this elusive menace from beyond the stars, or we ain't.

but I gotta stop now.... Greg Allman's on.........

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