Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Monica talks

They found the body.  Them sniff-pigs finally did it. Took 'em long enough. Bart 'bout to call in the army. Started makin' veiled threats. But then somethin' happened. Wind changed, or maybe an underground stream started bubblin'. And the scent come up to the surface. Stench would be more like it. Cops positioned a couple 'trover' robots over the crack. They juggle theyselves down till they touch somethin' and tote it on up. Only in this case a whole lot a preliminary scrapin' had a take place first. You see, alec was pretty much jellified. whatever them killers wrapped him in kept him together. But that was it. 

Miss Sissie start cryin' - My baby! My baby! My baby! ......... Alec's two kids start cryin'. They don't say nothin'. They just cry. Bart gets real tight jawed. You could see his hand tremblin', but that was it. Face was sweatin' too a little, if I remember right. And the other one...the other son, Zeb, just sit there. Oh, he swallowed real hard. He did that. And he went over to comfort his mama. But he didn't cry none. And them two kids growed up together........ Miz India made coffee. That what she do. She make coffee. Tuva-Tuva gals don't want a let her. But how they gone stop a rich Earth lady?

Now at first, Alec's wife don't do nothin'.  She go in the room. And I am talkin' 'bout a space off the laundry room. He so bad they can't put him no wheres else. She stand. She look. She wipe the skin 'round her eyes a little. She sighs. Closes her eyes. Bart goes to hug her and she does allow the gesture to take place. But she don't hug him back. 

Ev'rybody sittin' in the 'quiet talkin' room. That what they call the parlor 'round here. Kid's give it that name. Zeb and Alec used to say it when they was little. Big folks go in there when they got secrets. That not the play room. That not the family room. That the 'quiet talkin' room. That just the way it is. 

Tuva-Tuvas pass 'round coffee. But they serve it in them big mugs. It harder to knock 'em over. Put out a lot a coasters and napkins too. At first ev'rybody just sit. They don't talk none. They don't say nothin'. Just drink that coffee. Kids don't get coffee. Don't know what they got. Prob'ly some kind a mocha-chocolate drink. Don't make no difference. 

Cop comes in to offer his condolences. Mister Bart nods. Miss Sissie whimpers. Davey sit by his pop-pop. Monica's two crowd in by her. India still in a kitchen. But Zeb sit all by hisself.

Bart look at Miss Sissie and say - What you wanna do 'bout the service? ....... He can't say 'funeral'. Service come more easy like....... She just look down at her lap and say - I will do it. I will call 'Teacher' Davis....... Teacher what they say out here 'stead a rabbi. Both words mean the same thing. Don't make no big difference. Then Zeb sigh. Then he say - Mama, you know I am fixin' to be a senator. You know how folks is. Don't you think Daddy should handle this?.......... Bart just sit. He don't talk. Just sniffs a little........ Miss Sissie say - He can do what he like. I am callin' Teacher Davis. 

That when Monica break down. That when her coffee mug go crashin' all over the big, stone hearth. She say - Shet your malfs, ev'ry one a yeh! He my husband! That their daddy you got layin' in there! I don't want any a you God damned Texaco bastids touchin' him. I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want it! Should a been Zeb! Should a been him! He got no ounce a soul left in 'im! He should a been the one! He most dead already! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!...............

Then she jump up and run in a little bafroom. No body run after. Shame for the two kids. They look so sad. They look so all alone.

Zeb just take a drink a his coffee. But you could see it all for show......

And ninety eight miles away in the city, Whitey sittin' in an Eye-talian restaurant wit that book-writin' goomer. He givin' him the finger.  Not that way. You know what I mean.

He just pass it over and let him look at it.

But lucky for them the gelati course was already over.


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