Sunday, June 17, 2012


MORE ON ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND THE VAMPIRES LATER. ........ Tomas didn't think much of Conrad. Papa didn't either. None of them did. Still, it was better to have a new team mate than an old adversary. The dogs are a nuisance though. Three people were seriously bitten last night alone. They're lose. They're smart and they're hungry. Two of the chebubs found them loping through Fairmount Park. I guess they were hunting for bums. Lot a places to hide in eight thousand acres.... some caves....old, forgotten shacks. Much of it is old, original growth, woodland...... Dogs treed a bobcat and were trying to drag it down. Some old homeless guy peeked out from the bushes to watch. But the big one, Red Eye, seen him. And you know how predators are when they fixate on something. Forgot about the mini-tiger real fast. Just turned, focused, and moved right in.  Rest of 'em followed. Old guy backs away. Runs into a big oil drum  parks crew was using for liter. Tips it over and climbs under, like a urban hermit crab with a new shell..... Two heartbeats later, dogs is on him, growling and scratching and bangin' into it. He screamin' and trying to hold it down. This goes on for like ten minutes. He 'bout ready to have a hearty-tack.....and then it gets real quiet. No noise. Just his breath echoing 'round in the dank, metal can. That's when the diggin' starts. Pack got him pinned up against a big boulder. He caught like in a little crevice, or something. Can't see nothing. Can't move nowheres. All alone, right in the middle of an almost forest primeval, 'cept it's surrounded by millions of people.

You see, dogs is clever. They can do stuff. They can solve things. They can kill people. You lock a dog inside wit' its dead master and that ass flesh gonna get ripped off real fast. Nothin' personal. No disrespect intended. They just hungry. Dogs is practical. And tunnelin' the way to go. 

Old guy start yellin' - No! No! No! No! No! But this group used to hand signals. They like a good 'snap.' He can yodel all he want. Ain't gone do no good, 'specially after that big one grab hold a his ankle. Start pullin' him out. Leg all scraped up. But that OK.  For dogs.... blood like gravy.

One go for the cheeks. One like the belly. Bitch tear in a his privates. Cherubs try dive bombin' in to scare 'em off, but they jumpin up and snappin' at cherubs too. Fat, little, flyin' vampire baby like a can a peas to them.

'Bout a hundred and forty heartbeats later it all over. He mostly dead. Leg meat gone. Arm meat gone. Guts all permanently ruined. Look like zombie do it. That what the paper say----- ZOMBIE KILLER STALKS FAIRMOUNT PARK.

But Papa and Tomas and Sarah and all the rest know different. 


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