Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Long before the advent of the atomic age, musicians searched for 'the lost chord,' an elusive example of pure harmonics believed to possess miraculous properties. Some, such as Sir Issac Newton, thought it able to manipulate matter. Other, less scientifically oriented dabblers spoke of time travel itself. 

But from the late nineteenth century til now, mainstream investigations followed a different path, seeking impossibly tiny 'particles' such as electrons and bosins and quarks, not realizing that these ghostly singularities were really the momentarily observed intersections of a multitude of frequencies...... the music of 'the heavenly host,' if you will. Well, Doctor Franklin thought otherwise. The venerable genius has been uncovering harmonic secrets since the eighteenth century, via experiments and demonstrations built around a certain invention known as the 'Great Armonica.' There's a large, working installation at his 'home' compound under the Philadelphia Navy Yard. You've seen it in past episodes. But the large one, the mother of all Armonicas, rests under the pastures of south, central Pennsylvania, rather like a parallel particle accelerator and remarkably shaped like one. That's why the vampires and the 'doctor' were here now. 

A silent functionary lead the vampires  to simple, though commodious quarters eight stories below ground. Each being got a sitting room, a bedroom, plus a bathroom and kitchen. The decor, though minimal, echoed high-end Scandinavian design. Chilled alcoholic beverages filled the small, stainless steel refrigerators. Blood meals, when needed, would be supplied by specially chosen (though definitely not favored) inmates from a nearby, high security prison. In some cases, families of 'lifers' ask so few questions. Indeed, some of them welcome the loss.

Edith, along with the other mortals from the townhouse, pulled in a bit later. Annie was not at all happy to see her 'nanny-controller' arrive. She said - That fat bitch ain't bunkin' with me........ Tomas told her to shut up, or she'd go POW! right to the sun....... And we all know how much she hates those banishments to the solar corona. But a promise, from a 'cute' technician, to take her and Avi into a lab and let them 'hunt' white mice, made her evilly gleeful once again.

Now Tomas had assisted with Great Armonica investigations before. Vampires are stronger. They can tolerate more. Normal human bone would shatter under such exposures. But those experiments pale before this one....... Heaven and Earth made one...... The world of the spirit and the world of the flesh reunited. A Promethius for our age..... an Icarus.... a Daudilus ...... I forget. Which one flew too high?

Ah, look! Avi caught his first one! And Annie got one too!


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