Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apre le Deluge.... (after the flood) a communication with the vampires

This is Baylah.We attempted to reach you earlier, but wilkravitz had trouble with the device. He uses a company called VIRGIN Broadband2Go and it is a most egregious organization. Our messages are often ruined. They're powers are small and mean. They're 'voice' is thin and weak. So another attempt will be made via the Twitter place. Look for a TwitLonger epistle, God willing, soon. If such is not possible, please forgive us. The Tempest has done strange things...


please use the SHARE BAR  so others will know. if you'd like to read the TwitLonger post, scroll down the @wilkravitz page on TWITTER. It's right there, just a little way down. merci-bo-ku.

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