Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6th NaNoWriMo Novel In A Month episode 11/6/12

Bingo Boy - post 6

Next night was work as usual. Ricky worked late shift. So did Little Chrissie. Start at four. End at eleven. Them what plays leave at ten thirty, but take a little while to vacuum up the place and sprinkle boric acid powder in all the corners. that keep down the bugs. You know all kind gambling joints get bugs. Big hotel casino gets 'em. Bingo hall gets 'em. People is just all dirty shits. Sure they splashes up they bodies and scrub all the wrinkly spots. But they still shits. Who ever clean that little closet under them steps in the cellar? When they gone throw out all that crap dead-nana leave behind. Mouse need a house. Mouse got a house. Roach need a house, it get one two. They be happy neighbors, 'cept mouse neighbor eat roach neighbor when it get hungry. 

Marty get spray from a guy up in Holmesburg. That 'nother little neighborhood they got runnin' 'round here. But it nicer. Got clean shops, only couple nipple piercin' places. Got a bridge, a stone bridge, an old one. Think George Washington one time up-chucked his guts over it. You know some a them back-in-the-day inns was plain nasty. Spray work OK. Nobody get bit up by bed bugs too much. Nobody get asthma too much. It like a happy medium. 

Ricky sprayin' them chairs now. Come from an old weddin' hall. Got black padded seats, matchin' backs, fake gold painted metal legs. You can get 'em at second hand supply house. That where Marty went. He wanna get the black vinyl ones. Second hand man say six dollar fifty cent a piece. That when he find out he really want the black, burlap, I think it is, ones. They only four dollar and fifty cent.  Trouble is, burlap got more little, buggy, hidey holes. That why they buy so much bug killin' juice. Ricky like the spring time fresh variety, but this time somebody got lemon.

Littlle Chrissie do the vacuumin'. She like that job. It calm her down. She like the noise. She like the way it make them rugs look. They dark green. Marty get 'em from a hotel in Center City what got itself all done up. Rugs not too bad though. Do got a few piss stains. Three from dogs. Two was from blind man dogs. You know some people mess wit' 'em too much. But one from a fancy Pomeranian what got itself a piss tube infection. You know, piss tube infection very common. People get 'em too.

Some other bingo kids is stackin' cards, wipin' tables. Marty do buy that bleach stuff. House brand don't cost too much. Soft pretzels gotta be wrapped up for the freezer. If you sprinkles 'em wit' water tomorrow and put 'em in one a them fast microscopic cookin' boxes, they be mostly all healed  up and new. Little gummy maybe, but not too bad. Never had that trick in my day....thank God. I think somebody try an' do that in New Orleans, they kill 'em or somethin'. Folks what live down there do take food like a religion.

Little Chrissie almost done. Ricky almost done too. They like a be almost done at the same time. Walk out together. Ride home together. He wanna grab her. She want get grabbed. It not happen yet. But it will. 

God damn it. God damn it. Oh, look. God damn it. Jimmy here. He come in from the back. He come in from the alley. You know, he run out there to check his car like every five minutes. Uh, not like five, but you know what I mean. But this time he mad. He real mad. Stand in middle a aisle and go -  I the one they call 'the other guy!' I the partner. I Jimmy! An' I gone be 'round here little bit more, so y'all better get used to it. When I say jump, y'all better go 'whoopee' and leap right up to the sky. You all hear that? Who doan hear that? 'Cause if you don't, you teeth gone meet you asshole. An' that gone happen real fast. So yo, dumb fucks, y'all understand?......... All the dumb fucks shakes they heads. They know what they gotta do. Pay is shit, but tips is not shit. Tips is good............. Jimmy say - Then we all right. Then we happy...'cept for one little itty bitty piece a bidniss.... My car... My Cadillac... it got whomped by bird shit. It got whomped wit' bird shit real bad........(his squinty, little hot coal eyes fall on Ricky...an' part a the left one fall on Little Chrissie too, 'cause he got that funny condition, if you know what I mean. Old lady what play here say it a evil eye. She not say it to him, but she say it...) So what are you two shit stacks doin?... Get the hell outside and clean it up......... Marty wanna hand 'em wet naps he use for cleanin', but Jimmy go - No! Just Kleenex! Just water! And doan you DARE hurt my paint!...... But he not talk all Crescent City, like me. He talk Russian. 'Krainian, I think it is. No, 'Ukrainian,' I think they say. An' five heart beats later, Ricky and that Little Chrissy gal outside doin' it. Not to each other. To the car. Come on. You know what I mean.

It cold out there. It like forty five degrees. They wipin' and wipin'. They real careful. Use little bit a water from a hose. Shit do come off, but it gone take a little time. Ricky squeeze behind her to get to the other side. Not much room 'tween car an' them bricks. He like squeezin' 'round here. She like it too. But Jimmy stick his steel gray head out an' go - Yo, shit for brainses! Over there! You miss a spot! On the hood! On the hood!..... An' then he just stand there lookin', til the shit for brainses goes 'round and cleans it off.

Jimmy doan see it, but Ricky give him a angry look, like he wanna stick him wit' a screwdriver, or somethin'. Little Chrissie wanna kill him too. She wanna grind up some glass in his vodka. You know, that how they get rid a people back in slave days. Lady in big house too rough, lady in big house need killin'. Lady want tea? She gone get 'special' tea. It gone be fancy, wit' sparklin' little crystals an' all. It gone cut right through her heart. She go 'guhk.' She die.....

But Jimmy doan see them looks. He jus' lookin' at the car....


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