Wednesday, December 19, 2012

49TH BINGO BOY episode 12/20/12

BINGO BOY - post 49

Back at Marge's place they all eatin' breakfast. She don't make no pancakes, 'cause she don't feel like it. So they havin' spongy supermarket bagels wit' cream cheese and American cheese on top a that. Ricky break it up into real little pieces for the baby, 'cause he don't want no Cherrios when everybody else got spongy cinnamon-raisin bagels. You know how babies get.

Little Chrissie say they gone go get jobs at the I.R.A.. Be clerks for the tax season. Marge say - You don't know what I.R.A. gone do when you tell 'em you work for a crooked bingo hall.....  So maybe they go do stock work instead. You know Home Depot get ready for spring right after New Year. Whole lot a 'flats' need pushin' 'round. This just gone be til they go to Jersey. Jus' til they fix up the houses enough to get rid of 'em. Too-Many-Cookies tell Marge she told Marty 'bout seein' Jimmy. But she doan know if he really believed her. He always look shifty like that. Marge tells her to go to hell. ... 'Go to hell' the most popular phrase they got on this street. Everybody say - Go to hell... It like the national anthem or somethin'. You know, I wanna go back and be a disembodied, spirit narrator where I come from. I wanna go to Louisiana. But every time I ask, they tell me to go to hell too. Look, what can I do? Not like we got a union or somethin'..... But 'Too' don't care. She just take a bagel and sit down. Little Chrissie doan like her. She put the cream cheese away before 'Too' can get it. Make her eat margarine. Who the hell cares? Ricky drinkin' soda. He doan say nothin.' He thinkin' 'bout New Year parties his folks used a make. Cousins come over. Eat peanuts, cashew nuts, cold cuts, potato salad, rye bread. And these the good cold cuts. These Jewish cold cuts. Ain't got no little olives sliced up in 'em. I doan think they even say 'cold cuts.' Think they say 'delicatessen.' Drink Screwdrivers, Seagram's 7, high balls, stuff like that. But not a lot, 'cause they mostly Jews and all.... Only now things is all different. Jew drunk like everybody else. Got that Grey Goose Vodka, if you know what I mean. But I do like the danish pastry an' sticky buns they have after..... Ricky miss them days. Used a set upstairs poppin' balloons wit' his cousins. Come downstairs. Say hello to everybody. Do a little dance. You know how kids always dance around for company. Used a let the kids eat all they want. But then 'after' grown-ups play cards. Put on real raunchy comedy album too. Old ones. Real old ones from nineteen fifties. Belle Barth, Redd Fox. They say 'screw.' They say 'tittie.' Kids can't hear that, so they go back upstairs an' watch scary movie on TV...... Ricky wanna get away from here. He wanna get away real bad. Not from Little Chrissie, the baby and all, jus' from here. Baby burp. He burp real cute. Everybody laugh. Baby laugh too......

Then the phone ring. Little Chrissie get it. She go - Hello?... Hello?...... First nobody say nothin'. She ready to hang up. Ricky whisper - Who is it?.... She jus' shrug.....But then she hear him. Hear him go - Chrissie, that you? (he sound nervous. he sound real nervous)..... She go - Y-yeah?...... Marge go - Who is it?.....But Little Chrissie doan wanna say 'cause Too-Many-Cookies is sittin' there and all. So she jus' give her grandma a look. Marge know..... It Jimmy...... Littlle Chrissie go - Gram, it's for you. you wanna go take it upstairs?....... Marge go - Sure. Tell 'em to hold on..... And she squeeze out the kitchen and run up. Ricky know. He seed their faces. But he wanna put on a show for 'Too,' so he go - Who was it?..... Little Chrissie go - Nobody. Jus' her cousin from Fairless Hills.... (that a neat, little suburb up in Bucks County.) Then she hear Marge get on, so she hang up.....

'Too' doan know if she believe that 'cousin' story. But that jus' how she is

Marge heart poundin' real fast. She wanna hear what he gotta say. First she hear last part a Nicki Minaj record playin' in the background. Then she hear Taylor Swift. That how long it take him to talk.

An' she wanna hear what all he gotta say....


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