Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THE BOOK OF GHOULS ..... 3/5/13

He came to me. Sometimes I walk the streets late at night too. Edith gives me a hoo-doo. You know. Doesn't make me invisible, just not noticeable. Lasts for about five hours. And I saw him in a tree right inside the Eighteenth Street border of Rittenhouse Square, all stretched out on a thick, lower bough like a panther. Looked like he'd already eaten.... all sleek and warm and satisfied. He tipped his hat and gestured toward a bench. I, like a dope, pointed to my sternum and said, 'me?' Johnny Jump Up nodded and smiled. Well, it was sort of a smile. 

I took a seat. He silently vaulted down beside me. Now ghouls have a certain smell, much different than vampires. Blood drinkers really don't have an aroma. I think the magic, their kind of magic, does it. But flesh eaters, although they do possess an elusive necromancy of their own, retain a gory tang. Regular mortals might not notice. But after all the things I've been through with them (the vampires, I mean) I am hardly that.

And Johnny began to communicate. He moved his lips, mouthing words, that I did not so much as hear, but sense. He asked my name. I told him. He asked how I served them. I told about the blog. He smiled. His eyes looked merry. He 'said' - Blog for me??? .... I saw the pointy teeth and nodded. What else could I do? But he knew that. This creature could shred me in an instant. Ever see an ant kill a victim? Ever see a spider kill a fly. A burst of quick, staccato bites. A manic frenzy. Thrashing legs. A ruptured carapace and death.... or hopefully death. Sometimes it takes a little longer.

The ghoul smelled me. He leaned forward and sniffed my cheek...my hair... the front of my left shoulder (I think he was going for my arm pit.). I froze. Then he chuckled ( like a deep, rumbling, purr) and playfully poked my stomach. 

That's how I met him. That's how I met Johnny Jump Up. And I wish I never did.....

Even the disembodied spirits who come around to narrate from time to time, want no part of this. I saw the rats snuggling 'round his feet. Not a lot of them, but two. He called them Rozenkrantz & Gilderstern. I think that's what he said. And he dangled his long, thin arms, letting them nibble dried blood from his claw-like nails..... the remnants of a nurse snatched from the cobbles, right by the door to Doc Watson's Pub. No one knows she's gone yet. Who searches the rooftops for gore? And what could I tell the cops?

A loud gang of college kids crossed over from a club near Locust Street. You know how much noise they can make... drunk and all.... But Johnny Jump Up was gone and I never saw him leave. 

Lucky for me, Edith's hoo-doo still worked, 'cause kids can be so nasty......

Then I got up, walked through the stage set darkness and went back to the town house with the vampires where it was safe...

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