Thursday, June 27, 2013


They made me a puppet...a complete and fully articulated doppelganger. He looked just like me, but with the blush of mortal skin and less cunning eye teeth. My brain was his brain. We shared it. My thoughts animated his body. Indeed, he really was not a separate, sovereign thing. The mechanical thing...the automaton was me.

They put crystals in my brain and in certain points throughout my body as well. The puppet moved as I moved. He looked. He heard and saw and felt and smelled and tasted too. I  lived through him and the daytime opened up to me. 

I'm told the price for it all topped twelve point eight million American Dollars. But my coffers are deep. Vampires collect things over the years. I have paintings gathered from many places... a Giotto from a Tuscan duke.... a Chagall from a Parisian collaborator.... and something from the beach house of a Hollywood mogul. Look, I won't highlight them all. Nor will I mention every bank account.  Just know that I'm well fixed. You've heard your Jonathon speak of such things. Baylah does too. So you know. If you 'live' long, you prosper. 

Sometimes I stare at clear blue skies for hours ... and sunlight on the waves ... and butterflies... and grandmothers buying peaches at road stands.  They speak to me and I respond. Green leaves... I love green leaves too. They look so different at night. And sunbeams streaming through stained glass windows... And orange clouds at dusk. Now even in my nocturnal form I can come out after sundown and see the last bit of purple in the sky. I always liked doing that. But now I see much more. I see everything. 

They tell me such things are called 'avatars' after similar constructs from the cinema. And I am the first vampire to have one. Eight hundred years in darkness, done. 

I feel so much better now. Sometimes I dance and sing. And when I do my doppelganger does the same things too. 

But you know what else I, love? I love making the acquaintance of mortals in the daytime and bringing them home to dine.

How shocked they are to see my 'cat toothed' twin.

I bite them and they die...

The best of both worlds... don't you think?

It's good to be rich...
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