Monday, September 23, 2013


The alpha played with the newborns. Well, maybe they were too newborn for that, but he held them and examined them. Shimmy Kate pressed back against the rocky wall and watched. She didn't say a word. She just looked. Avoided eye contact, but she took it all in. 

He sniffed the babies and studied their faces, so different from his own. And they looked back with the cloudy eyed stare of the innocent. The other females pretended not to notice, but they did. Made like they were grooming each other, but that was just an act. Betas chased a couple live rabbits down in this pit they had. That was a big game with them... like werewolf pinball. Only rabbits ain't ball bearings and if you chase 'em too much they die. But werewolves don't care. It's only a hobby. 

Alpha flips one a the babies over and gently runs his index claw over the tail bump. He smiles as much as his lupine features allow. Remember, his 'caste' exists locked in wolf-mode, or semi-wolf-mode. Not human. Not wolf. Not nothin'.
Looks like they gonna have tails. Not big ones. Not like what timber wolf got, or even Lassie. Still, some a them 'daddy' traits gonna live on. Other youing'uns watch from the shadows. They got a paper sack full a Hershey Buds (old name for Hershey's Kisses). One a the females took 'em off a victim. Some guy waitin' for a bus late at night. You know how lonely the bayou can be. Wolf-kids munch on 'em. Sometimes they take off the foil. Sometimes they don't. Domestic dogs is allergic to that shit. Wolf-folk ain't.

Shimmy Kate find her tongue. She scared, but she talk. She go - I don't wanna keep 'em like that. Get 'em clothes. They need clothes..... But he don't answer. Maybe he glance at her a second, but that's it. Then he rub their bellies. The babies, I mean. Makes 'em purr, almost like kitties. One pees, but he a fast mover, so it don't get him.... He make with another stiff, wolfie smile. Then he whisper their names... 'Romulus and Remus.' ..... Shimmy Kate don't like when he say it. He know it, so he say it again. She get agitated and kick over a candle. Female wolfie-folk set it right. Other one start laughin' like a crazy woman. Alpha slap her 'cross the muzzle. That shut her up real good. She do curl up in a ball though.

One a the betas, down in the pit, get tired a the game and crunch that rabbit all the way through. Bones ain't nothin' to wolfie-folk. Young'uns howl when he do it. Beg for scraps too. Other one scream like a banshee. Most folks do not know rabbits can scream, but they do. It fixin' to die a fright, but not yet.

Female what ain't been slapped start nuzzlin' down in the pit. Make like she wanna lick the blood off the beta's face. Alpha don't like when they mess with the betas, 'cause it jazzes 'em up and makes 'em uppity. Gettin' 'jiggy' what he do, not them.

But he all occupied with them babies, so he don't pay no mind.

Shimmy Kate see he a good 'baby-daddy.' Least she got that. So she smile at him a little. Don't mean it, but she do it.

He ain't fooled. Wolfie-folk smart that way.
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