Sunday, November 10, 2013


They got Tomas into a room, not the big chamber with the big Grand Armonica. This was a secondary one, but more than up to the take. He was convulsing, so they laid him out on a table for treatment. Luna was there. Sarah, his 'declared' consort, hates her. Sure she (finally) recognizes the polyogamous  (not really polygamy. just the opposite of monogamy) nature of night-folk love affairs, but she still hates Luna. She just does. Look at her in that crisp, white lab coat. Look how she has the sleeves pushed up just so. And what, does the Anti-Enchantment Bureau have in-house hair dressers now? How's she get that bun, or twist, or whatever it is so perfect. Must loosen those tendrils with a crochet hook. 

Now please know Sarah was not there in the flesh, however her remote viewing abilities are very strong. She wanders the world at will, observing strange goings on in Roman catacombs and Los Angeles sex affairs unbeknownst even to @TMZ ... Vampires, especially intelligent 'noble' ones are exceedingly curious creatures. Galileo worked with some. So did Da Vinci, Josephine Baker, Alexander Pushkin and Helena Rubinstein. There are hundreds...maybe thousands, but those five just happened to pop into my head.

And did I tell you that Luna's a vampire... a vampire physician, to be exact. Raised by the Bureau. A prodigy she was... able to dissect and analyze mummified tissue at seven years old. By twelve she achieved verifiable cogent thought and observable brain-muscular connections in her first head transplants. Human to human switches ultimately bored her, but her first human-dog switch ( a Quebecois lounge singer and a Great Dane) grew ever more melancholy. The one with the human head missed his thumbs. Dew claws, even intact ones, aren't the same. He could no longer hold martini glasses and that, apparently was a big part of his act. The Great Dane with the human body is a watchman in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and engaged to be married to a cute, little foreign thing with her own nail salon, who's positively addicted to his indiscriminate and not always facial 'kisses.'

But Luna eventually succumbed to vampirism. I think the unbelievably long lived one called 'Papa' had something to do with it (twenty eight thousand years old, but looks like a thirty two or thirty three year old Richard Gere), though this disembodied spirit narrator does not know, as I was still embodied at the time (only two years ago) and selling vintage hula-hoops door to door. I killed myself. OK? Don't ask.

She intubated her former night-folk lover (even vampire bodies benefit from certain carefully prepared nostrums) and snapped off his tight, little, black, leather, 'Speedo' thing. Then they turned on the not quite as grand Armonica apparatus in that room and levitated him up into the therapeutic (and probing) 'spider web' made from sound. Such soothing chords they were.

Doctor Franklin, sporting one of his signature, emerald green, Philadelphia Eagles sweat suits, arranged himself in a nearby ergonomically correct reclining chair and regaled the more-than-human patient with tales of not so ergonomically correct torture devices. Vampires, even usually well meaning ones, like Tomas, are intrigued by such things. 

The three hundred and seven year old, scientifically preserved patriot whispered stories of a huge, obsidian cube, all black and shiny, owned by an Indian potentate. The house size bauble was split horizontally through the middle, with an indentation in the center meant to snuggly encase a temporarily living human body. Tiny, almost microscopic tubules  let air in. Royal elephants harnessed to decorative pulleys raised the top half, allowing the condemned to creep inside. Then the upper portion slowly lowered, sealing the understandably flustered subject into fatal embrace. Cue the royal elephants. Pull the heavy juggernaut out into the hot Deccan sun. It was called 'Journey To The Center of The Earth.' And when, after a few days, they raised the upper half, the body inside was baked fine and even, as if in the best tandoori.

After a time the vampire, Tomas, slept and soon after the old reprobate slept too.

Supernatural psyches need constant care....


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One of the things I like about this blog is that you find such interesting and imaginative ways for torture.