Saturday, January 18, 2014


Two monstrous beings... tall, bullet-headed, naked, beefy things wearing tiny miners' lights on elastic bands 'round their foreheads throw open the door (BAM!) and enter. 

The PRISONER (the haberdasher's assistant), wearing dirty underwear, cowers in a corner. He looks up to behold the faces... smooth, devoid of mouths and noses. Intravenous tubes carry a colorless bubbling fluid from clear, plastic bottles worn on belts 'round the waist up and into tiny round orifices roughly where the mouths would be. Narrow, focused beams from the miners' lights dance about the darkness. 

PRISONER - No! No! No! 

He squirms, kicks and struggles as the Golem-like pair jams an unpeeled orange into his jaws and  drags him to his feet. They bear him out and slam the door.


DOCTOR FRANKLIN watches as the two monsters manhandle the gagged, terrified prisoner into the room. The pin-heads and other miraculously surviving experimental rejects squeal with delight, in the dim, blue, fluorescent gloom.

The ghost-like spirit of the vampire, Russian, oligarch GRIGORI USIPOV stands off to the side. He's agitated and anxious.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN  - (gestures toward the tight, confining cage) Lock him in!

The bullet-headed monsters drag the PRISONER up the ladder-like metal stairs and wedge him into the torturous contraption. He sweats and shakes. The orange jammed into his mouth blocks all but the weakest moans. 

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Mister Usipov, prepare yourself.

Two assistants swab the inner surface of the body-sized glass tube just used in the first experiment with Lysol handi-wipes (product placement). Then they lay it down and stand aside. Usipov is apprehensive. He looks to DOCTOR FRANKLIN. The DOCTOR smiles and gestures toward the tube. The ghostly Usipov gingerly straddles it and lays down on his stomach. Then he sublimates through the clear, clean surface. The assistants seal it shut and snap it into place at the other end of the Grand Armonica [scroll back two nights for a description of that huge device]. The pin-heads and their playmates clap, cheer and sing Happy Birthday again.

One of the assistants shoots them an angry look. They shrink back, stop and stare wide-eyed.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN and another assistant ready the room sized, harmonic crystalline  apparatus. 

The thick, transparent discs begin to rotate. Atonal chords fill the air..... The DOCTOR fine tunes things... The sounds blend into a coherent pattern.. We hear a rather calliope sounding rendition of  that seventh inning favorite, Hava Nagillah.

The poor Russian PRISONER thrashes about in the tight, confining space. He starts to bleed.... The harmonic tune morphs into the theme from I Dream of Jeannie. But then it gets faster and FASTER and FASTER.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN can't stop it. The prisoner strains against the bands and bars. He's scraped. He's cut. He bleeds some more. 

USIPOV moans and moans. 

Then, suddenly the head of one of those mouthless, noseless, bullet headed monster things goes BOOM! and explodes, just like a gray, lumpy, jello-filled pinata. The pin-heads clap and cheer. One of them scrambles and lunges for the miners' light as it skitters across the floor. Some other members of the strange audience dip their fingers into bits of brain and taste it. 

The few surviving, weakly flickering fluorescent tubes crackle and go dark. But arcs from the large electro-magnets mounted 'round the room momentarily shock the air with a hard, yellow-white light, providing static glimpses of events as they unfold. 


The surviving bullet-headed thing lumbers up to the cage and rips it apart, hoists the PRISONER over his shoulder, climbs down the ladder and lays him out on a marble slabbed platform.

The arcing stops. One lone fluorescent tube hums and weakly flickers back to life.

Assistants wipe the condensation from the glass tube. There's no spirit inside. USIPOV isn't there, so something happened.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN pulls back the lids and examines the eyes..... Nothing.... 

He pounds on the sternum... Nothing...

He gestures toward a weird audience member sitting on the floor sucking brain juice off its finger.


The audience member hurries up. 

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - You know how to breathe?

Audience member nods.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Then breathe, breathe, breathe down his throat. Go ahead. Do it. Come on. Do it.

The audience member does. The DOCTOR stands over and inhales and exhales with him.  At first nothing, but after a bit the PRISONER'S body begins to cough and draw in air. 

DOCTOR FRANKLIN examines the eyes again, but they appear dilated and fixed. He shews the 'breather' away, claps his hands before the PRISONER'S face.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Usipov! Usipov! (shakes him) Usipov!

No real reaction. But then the PRISONER gasps, suddenly sits up, tentatively reaches out and grabs the DOCTOR by his sweat shirt.

PRISONER - (in a somewhat different voice) I can't see! I can't hear! I can't see! I can't hear!.... Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

But DOCTOR FRANKLIN doesn't seem that concerned...


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