Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Newly Arrived Elferino, Peter, Has Fun... 2/23/14

They raced through a dark and shuttered Lord & Taylor's. Troublesome guards and cameras easily befuddled by Peter's own brand of old Renaissance magic. .... Such treasures you have! - he said. Grab a few more of those cashmere what ever they are's.... And his (at least for now) dedicated acolytes, Philadelphia's four original elfin-folk, jumped to it. They had fine, leather slippers, trim blue jeans and glorious, rich, cotton shirts. Roland suggested some bright, graphic t-shirts, so they grabbed those too. I think there were sweaters, socks and handfuls of designer underwear thrown in some of the bags. And the newly freed juvenile vampire (that's basically what 'elfin-folk' are) palmed a bottle or two of high priced scent as an after thought. No, wait, the last after thought was the watch. I'm told they took a Breitling or Tag Huer. I don't know. Must retail for five grand, at least. Peter wanted gold chains too. They were big in his early days. Young blades up and down The Veneto were regular Mr. T's. But Marianne changed his mind.  Peter likes her. He trusts her. She's the first 'modern' elferina he saw.  You know how ducklings imprint on whomever they see first? Well, it was like that.

They stopped by the large, bronze eagle, mounted atop a marble plinth in the center of 'the grand atrium,' a Philadelphia meeting spot for well over a hundred years. Peter looked up at the massive casting (maybe seven feet tall) and said it reminded him of similar 'marshal' statues in Venice. I think the image also appeared on the last series of true silver dollars minted in America too. Celeste (the second elferina) quietly asked - Where do we shelter this morning, Peter? ..... But he didn't know. It was obvious he didn't know. He blinked. He looked. He turned to Marianne and whispered - Are there catacombs here abouts?..... She said - No, not like over there (meaning Europe). There are crypts, but they're clean, empty spaces. Nothing's down there. Maybe an entombed arch bishop or two...... Dead? - asked Peter..... Yes, dead - she said....... Peter knew he had to do something, or lose them, so he animated the eagle. The stern, graven image opened its beak, revealing a red meaty tongue, gave out with some raptor squawks, spread it's burnished wings and vaulted toward the heights. The elfin-folk were truly impressed...... Peter said - Stand back...... They hurried off the plinth where they'd been sitting, retreating to ladies accessories, the better to watch the show, as the huge bird traced figure eights and other moves stolen from the Winter Olympics (Peter had seen a TV, after all) before gracefully returning to it's eternal pose on the marble platform..... Albion (the second elferino) said - How can you do that?..... For elfin-folk, though adept at sublimation as well as possessing true flight, have limited abilities to alter and enchant physical matter. But Peter didn't answer. He just smiled. Then the eagle suddenly 'ruffed' it's feathers and they all laughed. 

Marianne said - Come, there's a place in Laurel Hill (vast, old, mossy, forest-like necropolis) we can go..... So they filed out of the almost dark atrium toward the original, (also bronze) revolving doors, hugged their parcels to their chests and sublimated out into the night.

When they were gone, the electronic security devices crackled back to life.

But the watchmen never did. For each and every one of them was dead....


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John L. Harmon said...

What supernatural creature wouldn't grab designer underwear? : )