Saturday, March 22, 2014


Sarah screamed. Her hands flew to her face and she cried. But Tomas couldn't do a thing. The 'born' witch laughed... a hoarse, dry, sound, as an avalanche of hungry ticks fell from her mouth onto the helpless night-folk below. puncturing their skin in ten thousand different places and drawing out the blood. Though none molested the bare, porcine body of the vicious conjurer squatting on Tomas' ribs. She was their mother and not to be used that way.                                                                                                                                                         And the witch clapped her beefy hands, bouncing up and down with delight, as the tortured vampirino and vampirina writhed and trembled. Soon each biting spider-cousin (for that is what ticks are) grew round and firm.... shiny, small beads protruding from  the flesh of their attractive victims in a more or less paisley design.                                                                                                                                                                     After perhaps two dozen heartbeats the witch quietly spoke. She said - Had enough? Where's my little grandbaby? What did you two shitheads do with Boopsie?....... She had to know they couldn't answer. Vampires feel septic shock too. But, you know what? She knew that. She wanted them to suffer. So she rose up, releasing Tomas, and smacked her ass against the sleeping chamber's fruit wood ceiling. Her breasts hung down... two heavy pendulous schoolhouse light fixtures (except they didn't give off nearly as much illumination.) Tomas and Sarah manically scratched at the rapidly vibrating insects., but their razor sharp mandibles held firm. Soon large red weals rose up around each buried head. Sarah shook like she was freezing. But Tomas managed to cough out a few words. He said - Please... please stop this. We'll help you. We'll help you..... The witch said - What can you two shitheads do for me?....... Tomas said - Boopsie... We'll help you find Boopsie...... The floating witch thought for a moment. She looked at Sarah and said - Look at her shake.... Tomas started to cry. Some of the ticks were even attached to his eyelids....... He begged again. Pig Blood Annie said - What about my 'man'? What about Little Joe? You gonna help me find him?..... He whispered - Yes.... She descended just a bit and knocked their heads together. Apparently, she didn't like that part..... Ain't gonna waste no time on him. Who the hell cares? I don't need him. I can get me another Little Joe... Tomas readily agreed and said - OK, OK, OK (all the while tearing at his skin)..... The witch contorted her face into a gristly smile, thought about something (you know with power like her's she don't need props), pursed her lips , sucked in all the air and 'vacuumed ' them evil bugs off every inch (nooks and crannies included). Had to hover down low for that. Certain attachments on her pendulous body rubbed against them.... Ewww.... When most of the blood engorged  ticks were safely stowed, her thick tongue wiped the last few off her lips and she absentmindedly crunched them, before flipping around and snuggling down between her two victims. The dark, red, silk, down comforter, long since kicked to the floor, rose up above the bed and slowly settled itself upon them all. Tomas and Sarah stared at the ceiling, as the thick-set witch cuddled each in turn. She shushed them like a big, crazy mama and whispered - Wait til dark. Wait til dark. Then we'll get her back..... The multitude of red weals scattered all over Tomas and Sarah's bodies, rose up through their skin like boils, before bursting (they had to repeatedly move and re-position  the comforter to allow that). Then the tiny, red explosions traced patterns through the air like          bubbles in strange champagne..                                                                                                                                                                                     While somewhere, not so far away, The elferino known as Peter slyly smiled, as Boopsie  contentedly gouged the eyes from tiny mice..                                                                                                                                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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