Friday, May 9, 2014


This is just some information you might appreciate. It'll make upcoming episodes easier to understand. Zombies and vampires stem descend from the same stock.

Zombies came first. They date back to the last African Exodus when fully modern humans wandered out from The Mother Continent to populate the rest of the world. This was about one hundred and twentyfive thousand  years ago. Some say a hundred thousand years ago, others one hundred and fifty thousand years ago. We split the difference.

Along the way, somewhere on The Gangetic Plain, an isolated band apparently acquired 'the zombie bug,'... the microbial cocktail responsible for that flesh-eating condition. Physical anthropologists maintain the 'first infection' likely happened when a bleeding, injured individual, perhaps fleeing from a predator, fell into quicksand, seemed to 'die' but did not, managing to struggle out as humanity's first zombie.

Clan members obviously saw the difference. Someone presumed 'dead' was not dead. What's more, at a time when the average life span was maybe thirty years old, they seemed immortal. It's natural to assume the muddy depression responsible for this transformation became 'magical' in their eyes. Maybe other injured, bleeding people were thrown in? The necessary assortment of germs was still there. Most outcomes were probably similar. After a few human generations.... waa-laa, flesh-eaters walked the Earth. 

We now know those infected crave human flesh, specifically the protein, to replace waning levels of collagen and other connective tissues. An as yet unknown mechanism allows the necessary compounds to survive digestion and migrate where needed. Thus episodic decomposition is corrected. Regular cannibalistic meals can stave it off altogether. 

Average zombie lifespans run from three hundred and forty to four hundred and forty years. Occasionally, one makes it to eight hundred, or even older, though the regenerative nature of ingested human flesh ultimately breaks down. Decomposition proceeds unchecked. Death ensues. 

Vampirism came into the picture about forty thousand years ago. The exact mechanism is still unknown. Scientists believe some arcane energy , or non-physical coherence, played a part. There are stories of other worldly interference, alien tinkering. If you've been with this blog for a while you know. Or maybe they just evolved? Or maybe God really did create them to 'cull the wicked and preserve the worthy?' Mystery can be a wondrous thing, especially in the wee small hours of the morning. For mystery is the font of all magic and apparently our species needs that.

We'll return to the story next time, but we just thought you'd like to know.

If you're privy to any enchanted knowledge and would like to share, please do so via a comment.

The 'truth' is a vast, unending tapestry. We're all good for a few stitches...


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