Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fun.: Carry On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]... an inspiration toward PEACE and what I'm going to say... 8/4/14

I know there are a lot of people who just want to rant. I rant sometimes too. I know there are those who obfuscate facts on all sides. And maybe the rank and file (wherever they may be) are scared to even mention peace and acceptance. That's sad. But there IS an aware, acculturated community on both sides that CAN visualize such a blessed condition and I speak to them.

Let the creative souls of Israel and the creative souls of Ishmael come together. Let them present their hopes and aspirations to the world.. in song.. performance and monologue via a review perhaps. 

Stage it where the world will see... in New York.. in Los Angeles. There must be inexpensive venues available. I'll bet accomplished writers, composers, stagers, performers, directors would be more than eager to contribute to, or mentor this special thing along.

And I'm not asking anyone to abandon their hope for a secure, independent home.

Simplistic?... Yes... But symbolic and, if the talent's as good as I think it is, quite infectious too.... Like a musical gesture... a first step toward reconciliation.

The title?... Well, that's easy... ISRAEL and ISHMAEL or reverse the billing in some locales. No problem. Donate a percentage of proceeds to bridge building. Hopefully, one day, have a production in Cairo and Dubai too. Security might be iffy, but we can hope.

Bet the ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM goes platinum. Especially if BIG NAMES lend their luster.

Who'd you like to see in it?

Pie in the sky?

Is it time? Are we in a spiritual drought?

Well, soon it's gonna rain. I can feel it... and you're gonna get all wet.


Look, I don't have any cousins in the biz. But if YOU do, ask them what they think.

If we stage it, they will come....

First venue will probably be somewhere easily guarded and secured. I'm not completely naive.

But, maybe a little starry eyed naivete (wow, I spelled it right) is what we need.

And listen to the FUN video up above. That's good too.


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Seumas Gallacher said...

..thanks for this , Billy ... truly, as they say in the Beatles, classic... All we need is Love ... ‘..

Billy Kravitz said...

Dear Sir Seumas, appreciate your comment. I mean we all get on line and rant and rant (even if we don't THINK we're doing it)... and meanwhile SO MUCH is being lost. ALL sides and peoples suffer. ..I'm not a professional diplomat but many say Gaza has one of the best locales and climates in the Mediterranean (high priced real estate as it is) and SHOULD be another Singapore or Dubai... ..Why don't they at least research that and work toward it?...The 'regular' people in the streets deserve it. And I heard major developers from ALL OVER want to work with them. I know deep seated passions will still remain, but not at least looking into this possibility is truly 'cutting off your nose to spite your face.'... My IDEAL for the region is Two states... ISRAEL & ISHMAEL (has a certain scriptural resonance)...the 'Israeli' and' Ishmaeli' people...the Land of Abraham... the portion for Israel and the portion for Ishmael.... Some international experts say they'd naturally work together and Jordan would probably work with them too in a BE-NE-LUX arrangement. After a generation or two of MEANINGFUL peace actual national boundaries would tend to soften and blur anyway....Lebanon did something like this before religious friction tore that place apart...LEARN from them...Once again, thanks for the comment...and those who see this should go check out all you've written too.

Billy Kravitz said...

I gotta say...come back and listen to CARRY ON whenever I need a boost. The BEST. Better than therapy. They should play it subliminally on buses, trains and subways crowded with commuters every morning.