Tuesday, March 17, 2015



A thin, little girl, perhaps nine or ten years old, with stringy, light hair sits at the table eating soup. She is Little Bastid ANNIE. EDITH watches her from across the table. The room is dim. A small flat screen TV plays in the background.

EDITH - Is is good?

ANNIE nods.

EDITH - You want more? I got plenty...

ANNIE shakes her head.

EDITH - ANNIE.... how'd you get here?

ANNIE - They brung me (continues eating)...

EDITH - Who 'brung' you?

ANNIE shrugs.

EDITH - Does your family know? You were with your family, right?

ANNIE nods and looks around. EDITH gives her a paper towel. ANNIE wipes her mouth.

ANNIE - I guess so....

They sit in silence. ANNIE stares at the TV, focusing on a young couple touring houses.

EDITH, the 'witchy-woman' housekeeper, studies the girl... ANNIE begins to laugh, though nothing funny happened on screen.

EDITH - shh... shh... shh...

ANNIE - (looks at her) You want me to tell you stuff?

EDITH - Yeah... if it's true... Is it true?

ANNIE - (nods) Yeah, it's true..... You got any cookies?

EDITH - Yeah. You want some?

ANNIE - (shakes her head)No, but I might like want some later. Is it alright?

EDITH - Yeah, sure it's alright. You know that.....

More silence.....

EDITH - Why were you laughing?

ANNIE - (shrugs, then speaks) Want me to tell you what they looked like?

EDITH - Who?

ANNIE - Them what brung me.....

EDITH just stares.....

ANNIE - I didn't come in no train. I didn't come in no plane, or no automobile, either...

EDITH - That don't mean nothing. Folks travel a lot a different ways 'round here. You know that....

ANNIE - (nods) You got any deodorant? You know, I wear deodorant now.

EDITH - Do you? That's nice. Yeah, we got some. It's 'store brand.' I buy what's on sale though. That's just me. CVS stuff. Is that OK?

ANNIE - I don't care... You want me to tell you 'bout who brung me?

EDITH - Yeah, sure, of course I do. Who brung you? Annie, are you still 'regular?' Show me your teeth...

ANNIE - (raises her upper lip) See? No fangs.

EDITH exhales.

ANNIE - There was four of them. I told you, I can't tell you their names, because I don't know their names. But I'll tell you what they looked like. One was all in white. One was like in a fiery color. The other guy was coppery... Real shiny and real coppery. I can't remember the forth one. I keep thinkin' a lion, but that's from The Wizard of Oz.

EDITH - (recognizes the Arch Angelic references) Does your family know?

ANNIE - I don't know. They know I'm not there. First I was on the shootie-chutes and then WHOOSH! no more shootie-chutes. Hope the fat kid next to me don't get in no trouble.... You got any Entenmann's? Like for desert... 

Edith - Yeah, we always got Entenmann's . Billy lives here. Gimme a minute....

She gets up to go get the cake. JONATHON returns from a night out, enters the kitchen and sees ANNIE...

JONATHON - Oh Jala! (Old Spanish- Al Andalus Arabic for 'Oh God!)

ANNIE giggles and makes a face. 

Edith gives her the cake.

< in case you don't know, Little Bastid ANNIE was a strange mortal child, before becoming a vampire and then, through desperate means, mortal again... now she's back>

<more next time>


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