Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This is not my regular post. That will come a bit later tonight. This is just a dialog (monologue ?) .. a message for other bloggers and writers. Basically, just some musings I'd like to share. I don't know how to put up graphs and charts or photos. All I can do is feature music vids from You Tube. I do that from time to time for 'atmosphere,' or to provide a 'score.' But this won't even have that. 

OK, here it is---
1) Don't edit yourself. Put it ALL on the screen. Listen to the characters talk and just write it down. It's not strange. It's unique. Don't get too hung up on grammar or punctuation. You know... within reason, but what do you want to be, a writer, or a secretary? Only supercilious nerds will call you to task for minor infractions or inaccurate spelling. Besides, even Shakespeare never met an extra 'e' he didn't like. Play the keyboard like a musician, not like a mathematician.

2) Support everybody. Follow as many people as possible. I don't know much about Face Book. Most of my references are based on Twitter. Retweet as many posts as you can. New voices CRAVE exposure. So put your efforts where they'll do the most good. I know Twitter has a FAVORITES thing, but nobody SEES that. It's like the opposite of a MUTE.. like saying - here's a gold star that nobody else will ever see.. OK to use in conjunction WITH a ReTweet, but alone ?... let it go. And when I say 'follow everybody,' I mean everybody like you... creative types --- writers, actors, flame swallowers... Don't follow people trying to sell big lists of followers, or people who just don't appreciate you...... 

3) With that we come to BIG NAME, or 'celebrity' accounts. What do you get from that? Many are manned by assistants, or interns (not all, but a lot) and you're just there to read their billboards. A little one sided. Follow stars who at least interact every once in a while and retweeting your gushing praise doesn't count as interacting... You gotta know that. Approach them the same way you would interesting people who aren't well known. Ask about viewpoints, creative philosophies, where they got their first big break. Don't beg for a 'follow' 'cause you're their biggest fan, or your dog just ran away with a bunch a drunken carnies. They don't care. They ARE drunken carnies. (boy, don't that life look fun from the outside?)

4) That's all for now... David Letterman just came on... and CBS is gonna  publicly throw him into a volcano soon, so I don't want to miss it... Not the volcano part, but all the episodes leading up to it... I'm pretty sure they give him a pain killer first

5) OK, now I'm done. Fiction post comes later... Paul's playing I'M A SOUL MAN... God, that band is good.


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