Thursday, March 19, 2015


<continuation of episode where ANNIE shows up>

Jonathon looks at Annie and says - What happened? Why are you here?..... She put down the cake and says - I don't know. thought I was on the shootie-chutes. what are you askin' me for.... Jonathon says - Let me see your teeth.... Annie grimaces, exposing her teeth and goes - See? she already asked me that. I'm not a vampire. OK? ... Edith says - She just came. I looked out through the drapes and she was walking up and down the street, all alone in the dark...... Annie goes - I was afraid to come in..... Jonathon asks - Why?... She just shrugs..... Sarah comes in too. She gasps. She just looks... Annie returns to her hunk of cake and says - Hello, vampire-lady (then to no one) Shit. Why'd I eat this crap? She would a took me for pancakes?... Jonathon wants to question her, but Sarah shuts him up. Annie can be a touchy kid and now's not the time.

So they fix her up in a nice, little room on the third floor and tuck her into bed. Annie says she wants to watch a movie. Jonathon and Sarah don't have any children's movies. But Edith has some DVD's in her room and an old DVD player. So they set it up in Annie's room and put in The Wizard Of Oz. The strange, little girl drifts off to the strains of Over The Rainbow, as two moral vampires and a witchy-woman from the Jersey Pine Barrens talked about her downstairs.

Sometimes night-folk attempt to control their own fates. They forget that they are simply tools and implements controlled by others. You may recall a phrase Jonathon occasionally quotes - Not The Shepherd, but the sheepdog.... That's how a lot of vampires, the moral, or 'noble' vampires see things.

Maybe Annie was wrong to leave? Whether vampirina or mortal, maybe her place was here with these special souls?... Well, now she was back.

The little ghost boy in the basement was glad. He sublimated up through the house and sat by her bed as she slept. He liked The Wizard Of Oz too. When it was over, he listened to her breath. Unlike the vampires, Annie really needed to breathe and the ghost boy liked the sound. After all, he was a polio victim and breath was dear to him.

Jonathon wanted to return to the streets for a final walk... one last patrol before sun-up. Days were growing longer now and vampires don't like that. Every moment in moonlight is a moment of freedom. 

But Jonathon did not go out again. He stayed home that night. Annie was there... And he had to be there too.

Shhh, she's sleeping. Come back next time. Maybe she'll talk...


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