Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Jonathon and Sarah were confused. Those noxious bastards were tearing up people left and right, yet the world thought it was OK. The monk thought so. It was obvious his 'higher-ups' did too. So did the civil authorities. Better to live with a lie, than to eradicate an evil. Still, Jonathon is quite capable of independent action. Kadeema and Lorenzo just might start drooling out the opposite side of their mouths after all. Now, let me turn you over to Zebulon for a while. Most of the stuff being channeled tonight comes from Philadelphia and he handles that part of the forest. So let him fill you in. There's a spring soiree over in Venice I want to see anyway. Reminds me of my mortal days. Ciao, you fleshy bastards. This disembodied spirit is outta here.......

Am I coming through? Testing, testing. It's me, Zebulon. Can you read me? That wilkravitz, 'familiar' guy is typing this all up, but he looks a little bloated ang gassy to me. And you know how capricious the heavenly ether can be, 'specially if he starts mixing some of his gas into the ether. What? You want to know where I've been? Well, it would make more sense to ask where I haven't been. Just let me tell you one thing. They got life everywhere and some of it is quite colorful and very accomplished, if you know what I mean. Remember those manta-ray people over on Europa (that moon of Jupiter's)? Well, you can roll them and us (I WAS a human once) up in a big meatball , roast it right next to the sun, drown it in gravy and we still don't come close to some of the folks they got living out there. I pity those two alien bastards they got locked up in New Mexico. I really feel sorry for them.  If God wants to perform a miracle, He'll free them folks. They pray enough. But I came to tell you 'bout bastards we got closer to home....

Little 'Bastard' Annie's been crying lately. I don't mean whining, like she always does. I mean crying. Real-sad-wet-little girl-tears. Look, she's only been a vampirina  for a few months. And what? Before that she was Papa's puppet (back when he was locked up) for a few months more? What do we know about her? You do realize that even vampires get confused? They forget what's real, what they picked up by telepathy, what somebody told them. You think their brain ain't still a human brain? Bullshit. Ain't no different kind of gray jelly locked up in there. They 'know' what they want to know and 'forget' the rest.  Did she come from a 'good' family? Was her mother a low-life? Who cares? It don't matter. They'll say what they want.

Evelyn, from nextdoor, is taken her kid down the shore for Memorial Day Weekend. They got a place up on Lonng Beach Island. Annie talks to the pudgy thing once in a while. She hears about the beach. She hears about the rides and all the souveniir shops. So it's only natural that she wants to go too. Of course she can't go out in the sun. Not unless we want to be on the cover of Star Magazine or something. You know how people eat up 'spontaneous human combustion' stories? But she can go out at night. She can see the beach then. You know how it looks in moonlight. I think it looks even better. She can ride on a rollie-coaster, win a stuffed animal, kill a murderous derelict under the boardwalk. Kids love that kind of stuff. And she STILL has the brain of a six or seven year old child. Can you remember what that feels like?

Papa feels bad about it. He would take her. One of the 'familiars' could set it up. They could be in a nice, deluxe hotel suite in no time. You know. They've done it before, one of those glitzed-up casino joints with black-out shades for high-rollers.  She could even go out and catch a glimpse of the twilight sky, all orange and violet. The seashore looks real good then. Maybe Baylah will take her? Her human boyfriend won't mind.

Boy, kids sure complicate things. Especially vampire kids. The 'elves and cherubs' are all right though. But they're a different story. So I don't think we're gonna be automatically calling her Little 'Bastard' Annie from now on. That 'Bastard' part don't sound right.........Boy, Papa feels bad about all this.....Listen, she's got the hiccups. Banish her. Keep her. Lock her up. We been through all that.....But she's just 'Annie' now. And somehow this is different...........Life with the vampires..........Didn't I tell you?

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