Thursday, May 26, 2011


Jonathon and Sarah took their leave from the monk and went back out into the forest. The noxious beasts were still in the area. Sarah knew her mate meant to do something. She wan't sure just what. But she knew. If they wanted to make progress, they had to go east. Only Jonathon had them going around in a big circle. He wanted to confront the  'nightmare.' He wanted to destroy them. I suppose when you're on a quest, you do things like that.

Sarah had to make a 'cull,' It was her time of the month. She wasn't even sure what the son-of-a-bitch did. All she knew was she had the dream, or the visison, or whatever you want to call it. And now she felt the gnawing pain in her stomach. It got worse every hour, even when she slept. So Jonathon let her lead the way. Did she know what she'd find? No. But her feet knew where to go.

They cut cross country, through fields and bracken and scrub pines. When dawn approached they dug dens like coyotes. Vampires can dig fast when they have to. It's a survival adaptation. Dig a tunnel, make a turn, make another, widen it out and go to sleep. Animals leave them alone. I guess they sense what's inside. Bears don't though. In colder climates, vampires often bunk with grizzlies or polar bears. They snuggle right up to each other. Sometimes the hibernating giants even let the vampires take a little drink. I don't know what good it does them. It's not the same as taking a life. I guess vampires get curious from time to time. And for the bear, what is it? Like a mosquito bite?

About a night and a half later, they began to climb up into the foothills of a small mountain range running down from the Alps. Cute little tourist town. They skirted around it. But something happened. The 'cull' was there. Her heart began to pound. Then she saw him, standing by a long, black, shiny car, passing off an envelope to some dapper gent wearing Hugo Boss, I think it was. Jonathon whispered - Weapons dealer. Worst kind. He tried to grab her. He tried to make her wait. But she couldn't restrain herself any longer. She  broke free and ran over like some socccer mom racing to confront a big blow hard coach. Two more guys jumped out of the car. Three seconds later after four automatic pistols were leveled at her (they all packed), Jonathon races in and sublimates right through the Hugo Boss guy, rendering him into a nebulous bloody pulp, that retained it's shape for a heartbeat, but then went splashing down into the dirt. Everybody freezes. Faces blanche. Jonathon brushes himself off, cocks a sharp, little grin and says - Next? .....Oh, they could see the fangs. They definitely saw the fangs. She flashed 'em her pearly whites too. One of the guys jumps back in the car and speeds off. Now there's two bastards with guns and two vampires. The 'cull' says - No, don't. Please, don't. I have money. I can get it. It's in Zurich. I can pay you......... But in a hyper-second Jonathon's hand flashes out crushing the wrist of the other one, who instantly crumples down onto the ground screaming like a  skinny, pissy-pants, little white girl...........Sarah locks eyes with her dinner. He falls to his knees, whimpering. He goes - Oh, God...Oh, God. .....She twists his neck. I am almost positive I heard one of the vertebrae pop. Then she tears into his throat  and drains him dry. His feet were still kicking when the blue flames began to burn.

That's when Jonathon spied Lorenzo and Kadeema watching from the edge of the clearing. He helps Sarah to her feet and nods to the feral duo, as they slowly back off. After a few heartbeats they turn and start running,  just as the guy with the ruined wrist begins to wail and shreik.

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