Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Baylah loves the shore in the autumn time. All the loud-mouthed 'look how fat my wallet is' turds go home. The picturebook strrets are quieter. The restaurants less crowded. And the fresh, clean sky seemms even prettier. But do not think that it is dead down there, for the home owners are still in evidence. It's merely the renters who leave.

This makes fall the perfect time for coastal vampires. The pickings, while not overwhelmingly bountiful, are still adequate. You might say the offerings have  been refined. Evil doers, unfortunately, are rarely in short supply. So our Beyonce look-alike sat by her dressing table, perfecting her make-up. Not that she needed much, but her human companion told her it quiets the razor keen, electric brilliance of her exquisite face. She played a bit with the rich, creamy ungents. She brushed a pinch of microscopically fine gold dust onto her well-formed cheek bones and dabbed a moist, buttery deep orange gloss upon her luch, pouty lips.

Her dress fit like a coppery, metallic skin, showing off more than enough of her long mocha legs, yet keeping secrets up above via a shoulder-bearing, halter neckline. The shopgirl said it was called a 'kiss me now and f**k me later' sheath. At least that's what they said in Elle Magazine. But believe me, our  girl, Baylah, needs no such help.

Her banker, honeybunch, quite the dashing specimen in his own right, came up behind her and brushed her hair. She enjoyed that. It relaxed her. It made her purr (a phenomenon observed in certain preternaturally sensual life-eaters). She got up and turned to face him, smoothing the crisp, expensive, sea-isle cotton fabric of his white dress shirt over his strong, warm shoulders. Quite the couple. Let me tell you.

A discreet, little table awaits, tucked away in a cozy, club-like, woody corner of the Knife and Fork Inn. If you're familiar with Atlantic City, you may have seen it...a hundred and ten year old reproduction of a seventeenth century Dutch manor house. Even Nucky ate there. The two upper floors were notorious trysting grounds for 'tough guys' and their costly, little 'pussy cats.'  After all, before other places had anything...Atlantic City had everything.

The well trained staff knows how to please each wealthy and sometimes eccentric customer. Private label bottles of the best wines and liquors glitter like gemstones upon shelf after shelf in the club-like bar. Baylah can tolerate a bit of scotch. If you are a regular visitor to our world, you know that some vampirinos and vamperina can imbibe a shot glass or two (occasionally more) of distilled spirits. No one knows why. That's just how it is.

So she'll sit there laughing and talking with her human pleasurer, maybe toying with a salad...maybe not.  Another twosome will join them. They're privy to her special abilities.. The husband pulled through  quite a scare with the help of a blood gift. Rich, sophisticated people know how to deal with such things.

Yet Baylah's appetite will be satisfied. The menu is tryly extensive. The management extremely prepared. So a carefully trussed and gagged young thug awaits his magic moment. Look how he strains against thhe clean, white ropes. Don't they set off his tan, smooth skin? Quite the thoroughbred, this one is. And speaking of thoroughbreds, don't they eat 'cheval' in France?  Funny, because this boy serves a similar function here.

A little later, Baylah and her entourage will descend the worn, brick stairs down to an old, dimm, secret chamber. They hid booze there during Prohibition. Tonight it hides another illicit commodity.... a meal of living, human flesh. But the hot, thick blood is the special part, the 'prime cut' you might say. And three priviliged humans will quietly stand off to the side watching her savor this gourmet treat. She'll stroke him as she eats. He'll probably enjoy it. And maybe his violent life will be blessed with a 'happy ending' before the cold, blue embers begin to glow.

Just another night out in Atlantic City.....for a fine-tuned vampirina and her friends.........Perhaps, some night, you'll join them?

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