Monday, September 19, 2011


My vampire consort (or am I the consort? terms like that confuse me) is off traipsing through the Divine Here-After and so far he hasn't so much as sent me a tee-shirt, or some of that 'heavenly' salt water taffy they make up there. But I persevere. I make the best of it. Just in case you forgot my name, it's me, Sarah, his realitively new born vampire wife. A 'yearling' they call me.

So what do I do with myself? Well, they kicked me out of their rehearsals. Lennon, Dylan and Islam, I mean. Said that for a suposedly more-than-natural being, I lack any true musical sensitivity. I said - How can you go and hurt me like that when we're all here  working to improve the world?....They didn't answer me. Then Yoko started singing and they listened like she was Placido Domingo or Carmen Miranda, or somebody. 'All You Need is Love'.......Yeah, right.

But I still do my part in the hospitals. I wander about late at night dribbling assorted trickles of my blood, my enchanted ruby elixir, onto the lips of desperately ill people. Then I retreat into the shadows, watching as they reflexively lick it off. No more kidney failure. No more last-stage diabetes. No more tumors, or life-threatening acne....Hey,  to a kid, it could be. I don't judge. I just help. No one sees me. No one bothers me. No one talks to me. And some nights I wish they would. Although, that is not quite true. One night, as I sublimated through the children's ward, I encountered a little girl. She wore a cute, flannel nightgown and  cuddled a much loved Cabbage Patch doll. I waved. She waved back. Then she motioned for me to come closer. I crouched down. The cute, little dumpling ran over and whispered in my ear. She said - How come none of you ever came by to help me?.......Then I felt an icy kiss. And I saw her. I saw how she looked before she died, an innocent, skeletal, wide-eyed, frightened child.........I sat down on the polished, vinyl floor and cried......A nurse hurried by oblivious to the whole thing......I'm good at veiling my presense.....But I heard the little girl's voice. I heard her whisper - That's all right........And then she was gone. Now don't ask me if she was speaking Hebrew or Arabic or Russian, because I wouldn't be able to tell you. But I understood her just the same........What is it the old Jewish preachers used to say ---- He who saves but just one soul has saved the world entire? Well, I do my part. Let the others call forth multitudes. I don't care. I do things a different way..........

Vampires rarely see ghosts, but that doesn't mean they aren't real. If  you're curious. If  you'd like to see some, turn out the light. Sit near a window and peek through the shade. Watch the street. The wee, small hours of the morning are best. Breath slowly and observe. You'll spot a few. Passing through the shadows just beyond a streetlight. Talking to a knowing, purring kitty. Don't be afraid if they look up at you. Nod your head. Wave back. Acknowledge their presense (is it an 's' or a 'c'?) Who knows? One might pass through your door.......


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