Sunday, March 11, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Found Sheep

Miss Sissie was the first to awaken. She sat right up and saw a man with copper luster lead Monica through the door. The others all still slumbered upon the jadeite floor. But she looked to another and she said - Now, won't you tell me more. 

The woman cracked a smile. She pointed to the sky that stretched beyond the mountains and she said - It's time for us to fly. 

She offered Sissie her hand. The woman took it. They walked back through the rock and stood beneath the stars. The orange female spoke. Her words were clear and strong. --- It's time for us to write The Book of Mars. We share a special place. But then, you know that. Excuse the simple way I phrase these things. But words can often give a people wings. 

And Miss Sissie did not understand the way the woman spoke, but she was trying.  She whispered foreign words. They sound like crying. She told of long gone days when time was plenty. They danced upon the plains and drank from fresh clear springs, the children of an unknown race, set down upon a place beyond the sun-ward sky, out in the darkness.

Who knows why? Is that important? The thing is we won't die and you won't too . For I know all the Words of Poo (she was a Big Poo-Poo woman, after all). 

And the man with the copper luster, took the 'widow' for his bride, deep within the place Where Secrets Hide. 

The orange woman said - The sun will shine for you, through children he will give you with the magic to survive, so both of 'us' can keep this world alive.

While far above the russet land, bright pinpoints streaked across the sky. Some bee-bops. Some destroyers too. And drones that do what hornets do, persuading 'other' people how to die.

 Miss Sissie whispered - This will be the first Feast of Lord's Passover I have spent like this. She gestured toward the barren land about them. Then she added - And I know India won't like it. They always took Little Davey to see her people for Easter.

The Tuva-Tuva Big Poo-Poo Woman patiently waited for the old Trooper matron to stop weeping. 

Then she lead her to a place were they could gather manna.

When they got back, the others had all awakened.....

But Monica still 'slept' with the strange, new man.....


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