Saturday, March 10, 2012

These are the dats of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Aboard the Twenty First Century

We were going to run the blockade. The Empire of China could not stop us. This is the Twenty-First Century, flagship of the most venerable Martian-America Line. Let me describe this conveyance to you back there in your benighted age. We streak through the void like the solar wind, compliments of twenty-eight Jeroboam Class, Baser Drives. They could have used Nebacanezzers, but what we would gain  in speed would be lost in maneuverability. So it was thought best to double up on the traditional 'wolf pack' configuration (fourteen engines constitute a 'wolf pack') and achieve greater speed that way.

The body of the craft is a vast cylinder, comprised of an inner and outer hull. The interior surface spins via electro-magnetic forces, at a rate necessary to approximate lunar gravity. All twenty eight engines (each housed in silvery pods more than fifteen hundred meters long) are mounted together in a honey comb-like arrangement at the 'posterior' of the ship. Twenty thousand human (so far as we know) souls slice through the inky night amidst splendor unseen since the heydays of Dubai. 

Young people particularly enjoy the Icarus Chambers. Imagine, simple light weight wings afford the wearer the power to fly. Others achieve similar sensations in Aquatica - Huge, beautifully decorated and sea-scaped aquariums filled with hyper oxygenated fluid allowing humans freed from any form of encumberance (and we do mean ANY) to cavort through the depths like merfolk. 

Now the purpose of this crossing is not completely frivolous. A huge contingent of North American and Muscovite scientists go with us to offer their assistance to the brave 'Troopers' (nickname for native born, human Martians). Indeed, rousing choruses of the Martian anthem - She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, can be heard all over the ship. 

The Empire of  China would not dare attack. Fifteen destroyers go with us, in addition to a dense swarm of  Yellow Jackets (unmanned drones). Best of all, The Second Brazilian Empire notices. And things are quieter down in Mexico since this convoy took off, because they don't want a similar one showing up in the skies over Sugar Loaf.

Look at the North Americans and Muscovites sitting there, heads together hatching their plans. Perhaps the North Americans will repel the Chinese? Perhaps the Muscovites will 'liberate' Siberia?

But just maybe, a certain, old Tuva-Tuva woman  will be able to work miracles of her own?

Because the 'prince' has arrived... and he leads a still groggy Miss Monica into another room...


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