Saturday, June 23, 2012


I am a leader among my people. We have tasted the presence of those you call vampiri since the time before time. I am of the saline water...a swimmer, not a walker. I am mermani. My language is unique. Dry-folk cannot reproduce it. We sing to the cetani (the whales) and they sing to us. I send these thoughts to you via a conduit, the 'wise woman' known as Edith. It is she who 'types' these words upon the magical device.

My kind have seen your kind, primarily in vampiri form, since the time when water turned to stone, known to you as 'ice ages.' We saw them as they crossed the sea upon the backs of whales. 

Now, we seek parlance with them. I know how you assemble yourselves. I know of your nations. Mermani have similar customs..... and we want to preserve them. 
Make room for us. Accept us. We want to come back...not to the land. That is not our place. We want to reclaim the frontiers...those shallow places where scallops grow...and oysters...and prawns. We want to see the sun. The depths are cold and dark and hard. A place as barren as the moon.

Let us swim through coastal waters. Let our children see your children. For we are of this planet too.

Send your scroll bearers (ambassadors). Send your vampiri emissaries. We welcome them. We will talk to them. The one you call 'Papa' is known here. He visits with his friends. He has seen the Hidden City. 

I do not know who your Great Speakers will chose. I do not know if they will send the one known as 'Papa.' But he would be a good choice. Send him...or perhaps his son.....

We cannot threaten you. Our weapons have no edge. We need your help and understanding.

Do not reject us.... Please, do not reject us. 

May He Who made the Universe make us, in Spirit, one.



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