Monday, June 25, 2012

MERMANI WEAPONS --- Strategic Maneuvers AVAILABLE to those We term Mermaids and Mermen

To those who have been following our postings for the last few nights.... Please know that the Mermani are NOT completely defenseless. They are an intelligent breed with EXTENSIVE knowledge of undersea currents and conditions. 

Ancient and medieval records indicate a certain measure of what we would call 'technological know-how' as well. It's believed they produced a type of underwater concrete used to construct huge buildings and vast, marine, civic complexes. Remnants of these polities are found off the coast of The Bahamas and near the Japanese island of Okinawa. Early Celtic peoples in The British Isles spoke of Hi-Brasil, a quasi-mythological place off to the west, beyond the tip of Cornwall. Similar references dot the records of Bronze Age peoples from Malta, The Levant and Iberia. Meso-American civilizations were familiar with Mermani settlements off the coast of Yucatan. 

Certain historians maintain the Herodian Dynasty in Roman Era Judea got the recipe for aqueous concrete (used to build the imposing port of Caesaria Maritima) from an Eastern Mediterranean Mer-folk chieftan known as 'Yam Seran' or sea prince.

The two surviving strains of the genus 'homo' remained in more or less close contact til the very early years of the nineteenth century, when a variety of changing circumstances forced Mer-folk to retreat from the coastal seas, settling in deep water communities along the Mid Atlantic Ridge, a huge, Andes-like, undersea mountain range stretching from the Southern tip of Greenland to the Antarctic Peninsula. (10,000 miles).

This vast, natural barrier, via certain mountain passes, facilitates the blending of warm and cold water, resulting in the formation of climate-shaping currents, such as The Gulf Stream.

Military Intelligence indicates Mermani have the capability to alter these currents through the use of dam-like gates and sea-bottom tunnels. Needless to say, their mastery of 'wet-set' concrete makes it possible.  Slight alterations of naturally occurring  flow patters could significantly alter global weather. In fact, some consider global warming to be a Mermani plot which will enable them to re-establish themselves on the soon-to-be flooded coastal plains.

Our negotiations with these people is of the utmost importance. Ambassadorial protocols are being formulated and recorded right now.

Which vampire, or vampires, do you think will make the trip? Remember, they need no oxygen. breathing is just a habit, not a necessity. Both groups (Vampiri and Mermani have Cetani (whale) alliances. Each group is well versed in the lore of the other.

Vampires as enemies? I think not. We should thank God we have them. 

please read the previous two or three postings for clarification of this report.

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