Monday, July 9, 2012

Papa Takes a Slight, Quantum, 'Jug Handle' On His Way Back To Philadelphia and Visits With An Old, Old, Old Vampire Friend

Luna went on ahead. Papa sent her off through the ether on her own. Look, if he can banish souls to featureless, gun-metal, celestial orbs rotating under homogenized, heavy gray skies, zapping a comely, vampirina-doctor back  to her place in Philadelphia is no big woof.

But he, himself, made a little side trip, in response to certain 'tingles' coming to him from a remote cave deep in the wildest wilderness, where the tundra meets the forest. You won't find it on a map. But I can tell you where it's supposed to be. Travel north from the shoreline of a beautiful huge, fresh water sea decorating the planet from amidst Siberia's heartland. The reindeer know the way. Follow them. 

You'll see a small, little, narrow, dark niche beckoning into a cliff-side . The Tunguska Event (Google it) happened nearby. Go inside. Don't be scared, or at least try not to be. Listen for the eerie vibrato of Native Mongolian throat singing. A most special being inhabits that place. Is he a vampire? Yes, but not like any we've encountered thus far. This one is an 'old bones'..... an ancient one.....even older that the illustrious Renate. And what do we mean by 'old bones'?...... His build....His structure....His skeleton.... His physical being. For this life-eater is a Neanderthal, stocky and muscular, like a gymnast on steroids. And don't stare at the noble brow, or the strong nose, or the small (though finely chiseled) chin. He knows he's striking...So don't make a big thing out of it.

Papa likes spending time with this one. Words are few. They communicate via a multitude of distinct, guttural vibrations ..... an organic language; visceral in every way. Just be quiet and sit there. Melt into the dim, orange glow from the fire... and breath in an original, pristine truth.

Oh, he'll know you're there. And he can 'crack' your body to him in an instant...... They'll say - Where's Larry? Where's Dylan? Where's Brianna? Where's Bam-Bam?....... But you won't be there. The chair in the basement will be empty. The monitor will still flicker...but you'll be gone.


Come back tomorrow. No, really. I mean it. If you behave, everything will be OK...


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