Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Approximately Fourteen Thousand Year Old and One Two or three times as Old as That Converse

They came together. Papa wafted into the tight, little, narrow niche. I believe he was still in a state of sublimation. The atoms of his body smeared across the ether like a manic, abstract painting. The 'old bones' knew he was there. He felt a history not his own and tasted different songs. And being rather hospitable, arranged a pile of his softest furs so Papa could sit down....... as soon as his ass condensed, that is. 

The Son of Renate (Papa's 'mother') blew through the rock-bound chamber, incorporating microscopic bits of all he found there into his being. And then he materialized. The 'old bones' acknowledged his presence with a tiny nod. Papa smiled, a closed mouth smile, for dental displays signal aggression among Neanderthals. Then he arranged his still un-attired form (having just come from the Mer-folk) on the soft, furry mound. I believe it was primarily sable.

The 'old bones' dropped some aromatic chips into the fire, breathed in the vapors and began a low, polyphonic, 'throat song.'  But that's not how he communicated. Words, images, feelings, came through the air. Neanderthals were quite adept at telepathy...... vampire Neanderthals even more so. 

He spoke of mundane things....... 'What is this 'batman' cacophony clogging all the ether? Do they not know it is mothman? Batman? There is no batman. Who are these mortals? I can smell them. I can feel them. I can identify the repulsive odor of their shit, but I do not understand them. Please think not that I refer to my loyal retainers. I speak not of my servants. They are good and they are true. These 'words' build images of those who live beyond the cold, dark woods. And they have 'magic.' How did they get it? It's all so new. It's all so strange. Twenty six hundred moons ago they had no such capabilities, but now they touch the stars and bring dogs back from death. I want to see a 'movie.' Can you take me to a movie? And I want to kill a few of them. I want to drink their blood, cull their lives and know their essence. Are such things allowed? Can they be arranged? Will their 'strong-men' permit it? Are their females good at sex? You may find it hard to believe, but I have never coupled with any of them. There are two genders, am I right?.... among the people beyond the woods, I mean. For I have never been there.....and now I want to go....... Will you be my guide? 

I will. I am honored. - said Papa...... The 'old bones' heard him and he smiled, taking care to keep his lips completely closed.

Now he might have spoken of finer things, spiritual things, eternal things, but this night he did not.

And Papa got him ready for the 'trip' to Philadelphia.

'Yum-yum...eat 'em up.'

Do you know what I mean?

Oh, you little rascals, you!

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