Friday, March 8, 2013

HOW A GHOUL SURVIVES ..More From Johnny Jump Up .. 3/8/13

Vampires all doing splendid wonderful. Tomas and the lady one he love wash each other in big tub. Human friends eat hot pizza. Annie throws hard, metal Hot Wheels toy motor coaches at 'Papa's' head.   But he don't even notice. Big, heavy magic make him that way. They all right. Let them go to hell. Now you talk to me. 

This Johnny Jump Up. Mind move very fast this dark time. Me not think straight. Words come out funny-funny. Last one I eat filled with rancid, sour turds. I hate when that happen.... (room spins)... You look like a Ninja Turtle. But I not know which one. This how I live. Hide clean clothes in dark hidey-holes. Clean, little, white. cotton crotch pants. What you call t-shirts. Stockings. Whole bunch a shit. Everybody say 'shit' these days. They go - 'shit shit shit.'  That a new thing. Long time ago, nobody say 'shit.' They just dump it in a alley. All over lady dress. All over man suit. All over kid face. Kid not know. He look up too much.

Tight, black suits, I got plenty. Know how? I make them. Steal sewing machine. Steal fabric. Some fabric I get from clothes I take off meat-people. Buttons too. Not zippers. Not like zippers. Zipper bite my 'pee-pee.' First suits look like shit. (see? I say it again.) Next suit better. Work in old abandoned subway store of long ago big emporium. Snellenberg's??? I not know what it called. I forget.

Some days never sleep. Hide. Scared. Squeeze in wall like mousy thing. Old tunnels deep down where mole people live good for sleep-sleep. Never eat one. They friends. Tomas-vampire-boy sneak down there too. But he not sleep. He play 'gih-jee' with mole girl, sometime two. I go far from him.  That what ghoul do.  They got leaky water pipe in some a them tunnel. That how I wash. That how I live. I like tunnels. I like the dark.... Not all dark. Not dark-dark. Mole people got Sterno. Mole people got light...little light. Little, bitty, orange light. Like cabin light in old days. 

One time I bite into fat man high up on big roof. Ghoul strong. Me drag him up-up-up. Climb old building.... hotel. He peep - 'Please, no drop me.'.... Hold neck (my neck) real tight. Find him pissin' up  alley. Alley is good. If you ever ghoul, you find lot a people pissin' up alley. Sneak up in back. Grab 'em. That how you do it. That how it go. Heh heh. People funny. They scream. They cry. But you pinch tittie hard...REAL hard. That make 'em shut up. 

So I rip off  fat crap he got under chin. He shudder. He tremble. Shake real bad like he freezin'. And this still summer time. Start kickin' and cryin' when I go to peel him up. Can't eat no sweaty pants, you know. An' he look like a real pig. Like one a them Three-Little-Pig in old funny picture. But he not got no sailor hat. He got like a baseball cap. All the rest is ripped off. I say - 'You shut up, you pig-boy. I gonna chomp you up.'..... He shit himself. Look, there, I said it again. 

So I lock me teeth onto big wad a belly fat. He go -'Ow! Ow! Ow!'..... Bile come out a his mouth. He shakin'. He dancin'. He doin' the Saint Vitus Dance, except he layin' down. ..... I laugh..... But when I go in for next bite...'it' happen. All a him start shreddin' up... like tuna fish, or something. Fat, little, wet oily chunks a him slide off, hit that tar paper and run away. No, they really run away. Grow little legs and little arms and little face (no head. just face). Look all scared and surprised. Even fat from his face run off, til he jus' a red, greasy skeleton with ears.

I don't eat them ears though. I jus' leave 'em there. First time that happen. Lot a place for fat wads to hide on a roof. But I don't look. Just climb down and kill somebody else.

Skeleton still up there. They ain't found it yet. I sit there. Sometime I watch it in the still, gray moonlight. Sometime I feel like it watchin' me. 

I got lot a stories.... I really do...

God damn vampires can go to hell....

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