Saturday, June 29, 2013


They spotted each other one day in the park. Annie liked to sit on the benches and watch all the people. This wasn't a big park. It's a square.... Washington Square Park... That's what they call it. And even though Annie, with the help of some of the Piney people, managed to regain her mortality, she's still something of a witch, or a magic girl. 

The other girl, the one whose mother feeds her shitty pizza, likes the park too. She brings food for the pigeons, little bags of passed date 'Goldfish' she gets from a dollar store. Annie and her used to play when the vampires lived in Chestnut Hill. They sort of kind of knew  about the vampires and all. Shitty pizza mom had a thing for 'Papa' and he went over to give her a bath and groom her every once in a while. Vampires like to bathe and clean up mortal women. Jonathon did it to Silvia and Aura. Their sponge baths down in the tunnels were a big thing. Oh, they hit other notes on the scale too, but the cool trickles of ever so slightly rusty water tickled so. 

Shitty Pizza girl saw Annie and said - What you doin' outside? Ain't you scared a burning up?..... Annie went - Shows what a dope you are, you dope. I ain't no vampire no more.... Girl says - What'd you do, lose your license? My grandpop lost his license. They can do that to you, you know. Cops just grab 'em and run away. They run away real fast. You know how cops run. 'Specially them young, skinny ones. 

Annie goes - What you doin' 'round here? Your mom kick you out?.... Girl goes - Moms don't kick you out. Well, they do sometimes. But not when you're little. They need you to run in the kitchen and get 'em 'tateh chips when they watchin' tv. Or like maybe a piece a kleenex. You miss bein' a vampire?...... Annie goes - Nope. .... Girl goes - What you do with your coffin?...... I ain't never slept in no coffin - says Annie. I slept in a bed from Crate and Barrel. I know, 'cause Sarah told me...... Girl goes - Oh..... Then she tells Annie how she used to play that the boxes her Barbies came in were their coffins. But she used to wrap tin foil around them, 'cause the plastic windows in the front were see-through and in some religions they make you get buried naked. And it wouldn't be right to have see-through coffins, 'cause people might not listen to the minister when he tells everybody about you, plus old people would look too sickening and their grandkids would run out screaming.

Annie says - What kind a religion makes you get buried naked? Where they sendin' 'em... whore heaven?...... The girl whose mom feeds her shitty pizza said she didn't know. Then she sat down, reached into her bag, crumbled up some a the stale Goldfish and gave them to the birds..... Annie felt bad, 'cause the little starlings weren't gettin' much. She witched the pigeons so they'd go away... and they did. Then the starlings got a little more.

The girl told Annie she and her mom lived 'in town' now. They had a nice condominium 'right over there.' (just across from where they sat). And she didn't realize that Annie witched it so they would. 

Maybe Edith could take them to the movies, or like an all-you-can-eat Chinese style buffet? 

Maybe they could go down the shore and stay at Baylah's boyfriend's house? Annie liked the daytime.

After all... she was just a little girl... even though she still had powers...
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