Saturday, June 8, 2013


How many bloggers are basically frustrated and nervous? How many of us jump from stats to Twitter and back again like fifty times a day expecting something to happen? 

Some well known performer, some 'celebrity' favorites a tweet and we expect nirvana. Maybe they'll visit? Maybe they'll bring friends? Maybe @dickc will give us one of those little blue and white checks? And lit/talent agents won't instantly block us for asking the most innocent (ok, clueless) questions. (sigh) Should a talked up her little yappy dog more. That, I know. Cute dog, but I didn't realize she was that attached to it. Should a made more Manhattan references too... maybe some Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn mentions. I don't know. I'm angry. 

StumbleUpon dumped me. I can still go on and talk up other people's creations, but not my own. Apparently I already did that too much and used up my lifetime supply. Who knew it was limited?  Thought it was 'all you can eat.' What the hell's the deal with this? They want us to put food on other people's plates and then step back, smile and go - Isn't it good?...... No, no, no ,no, no.... That's Valentine's Day in third grade. That's not real world self-promotion. That's 'I'll vote for you, if you vote for me.... Ewww! The ice cream man's comin'!..... 

And look, EVERYBODY who knows me knows I'm VERY SUPPORTIVE on TWITTER...1) because I really BELIEVE in helping other newcomers and 2) I UNDERSTAND that site. It's easy. It's obvious. It's simple. .... StumbleUpon isn't like that

Let me ask you all a question? How many of you thought you'd have agents by now? How many sort a kind a hoped for say a sit-com development deal, or a screenplay sale, or  a rotor cuff repair?

Eh, I'm tired. Had a whole different blog thing planned for tonight.  Wanted to include a fall film heads-up from You Tube. But I couldn't stream any videos. It just wouldn't work. And I'm sick a that ersatz Scots girl who talks 'seductive' to some guy called Angus on TV.....Please... 'Angus'?

And I bought a take-out pizza tonight and ate the whole thing...well, seven eighths of it. Plus SNL is a rerun. Vince Vaughn is a real good guest, but the writers let him down. And I don't know what I'm saying. 

Seven eighths of a pizza. I'm not lactose intolerant. Actually more like lactose dependent. But can you 'O.D.' on cheese? Can anybody tell me that.

'Cuse me. I zoned out for a minute. But like, how would you know that? (I keep a little piece of adhesive tape over my camera thing.

You think microwaved baked potatoes could double for them smooth, little, black, hot rocks? Not as a side dish, but for like a massage, I mean?


Billy sawin' wood now. This Mister Never-you-Mind. I one a the disembodied spirits who help narrate this fish fry. He a little bit too 'pixilated' tonight. I tell you 'bout them night-folk tomorrow. Click WOO WOO WOO ... if you wanna catch up on old stuff. Got 700,000 words of it....... Oh, shit. He rollin' on the floor.... got the car 'clicker' in his pocket. the alarm gone off. it after 2AM an' I can't do nothin' 'bout it...

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Kaye Francis said...

BILLY, you need multiple HUGS (((BILLY))) ~ I live in Wisconsin. It is not possible to overdose on cheese! It is fun to be lactose dependent! This is about as 'perfect' a venting as I have ever read! Did the neighbors call the police about your 'car alarm going off'??? Oh and have I told you yet today that I love you! Find Billy on twitter as @wilkravitz and this is
~ Kaye, Billy's @grammakaye on Twitter.