Saturday, June 8, 2013

MONDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE.... The 'tat' man makes his case. 6/08/13

Tillie and her vampire friend drove up to a little place outside State College. That's the town where Penn state is. Perfect place. You'd think you dreamed it. College towns in Heaven must look like this. I know you thinkin' 'bout the recent scandal and all and how 'they' punished the school. But that like sayin' Germany can't sell no B.M.W.'s 'cause government did nasty stuff to scared, naked people durin' 'The War.' Though I ain't here to fight that battle. I here to learn you what the vampire did.

Tillie wanna go bowlin'. So he take her to a bowlin' place near Boalsburg. That where the little airport is. Well-fixed fellas keep planes there, little planes like classic cars, only they go sailin' through the sky, 'stead a down a highway. Jonathon say - You wanna go flyin'? I could sublimate us up in the air and we could go somewhere...... But she say 'no,' 'cause she scared a peein' herself. That mean he gotta go rent a car and all. Gets a nice, little Ford Focus. He got all the right papers. 'Familiars' back in Philly see to that. An' you can rent a car at night, so that ain't no problem. Goes 'round the parkin' lot a few times to make sure he know what he doin.' But vampires is sharp an' adaptable, so what do you think?

What was I speechifyin' about? Oh yeah, that bowlin' place. Got them little 'keep score' tables. Folks scratch 'em up real good. And that hard, seein' they covered wit' formica. School kids must a done it, 'cause they got them metal twirly compass things wit' them sharp, shiny points. Don't see 'em in city schools no more. But they still got 'em up here. Ain't been mutated into weapons yet.

Tillie start readin' all them half-assed etchin's... She go - Bart a gay' Jackie Mom a 'ho.'..... Then she go- Swastika, swastika, swastika..... Always got a few swastikas, you know.... She go 'Willow Creek,' too.... Jonathon, the vampire, go - What you say?.... She go - Nothin.' Willow Creek. Why?..... He mouth the words 'Willow Creek.' Then he start thinkin.' After like two dozen heartbeats, he go - What Willow Creek?... Tillie say - It just a place, like a park. Why?...... Vampire go - That where he gone be. Tattoo man, I mean. I seen willow trees over a stream, I thought it was, in my dream. But it not a stream. It a creek. You know where it is?..... She nod.... So they finish up they ice tea. He can drink it. Don't like to. But he can. An' play like two real fas' games, 'cause don't want shoe-girl to think they crazy. People start lookin,' 'cause vampires can bowl like maniacs when they want too. So she go - Tee-hee-hee, I think he 'on' somethin'... That make people shake they heads an' look away. Fifteen minutes later, no, more like twenty five, 'cause Tillie gotta pee an' all, they in that Ford Focus listenin' to the computer lady tell 'em where Willow Creek is. Ain't no other cars 'round when they get there, 'cause it late. Well, there is one other car, but you know who drive that one.

She say - Shit, should a brung some plastic trash bags, like for the body an' all.... Jonathon go - Don't need 'em.... She go - Why? What you gonna do, cut him up in little pieces? You make 'em small enough, crows'll do the rest.... But he jus' smile. She doan know 'bout no cold, blue flame an' all, so this gone be quite a show. 

He lead her down a little path. Life-eater eyes good that way. Then he go- Shhh.... 'cause up ahead, sittin' on the ground, leanin' 'gainst a big, old tree, is a man. Eyes is open. You could see 'em shinin' in the dark. But he jus' starin.' Got like a drunk goin.' Doan say nothin' when Jonathon sit down right by him. Doan say nothin' when Tillie kick his leg and go - Yo, shithead, wake up...

But all that gone change. Jonathon lean in real close and whisper - What you name?..... Tattoo man mumble - George.

Couple ravens glide down from the trees an' stand guard back in the deepest shadows. 

Guess they wanna peck the grease when it all over...
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