Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MORE ON 'CHERUBS' and other NIGHT-FOLK LORE ........ 7/04/13

It's been said that 'cherubs' made The Renaissance. The artist known as Giotto kept two in a golden room lit by the magically preserved 'tails' of Neapolitan fireflies.  His plump, gurgling, vampire-like babies (toddlers, actually) bounced off the walls, high on the blood of soon to die plague victims. 

Most vampires of moral bent shelter cherubs when they can and shun those responsible for their nativity. Ecclesiastic spies believe they (the cherubs) are linked to over zealous devotees of Mithra and are products of almost orgy-like blood baths. Apparently, white bulls were not always used. Clean, blemish-free humans were occasionally substituted and unbeknownst to believers, incognito vampires often crashed the revels in search of an easy meal... or partial meal, kind of like a tid-bit you'd get at a tapa.  And since babysitters were hard to come by in ancient Parthia, over-eager parents often brought the kids. 

That's why we have 'cherubs.'

Well, at least that's one explanation. ... There are about four in Philadelphia. Some say the delightful, little darling, known as Marie-Claire (if I have it right) died not too long ago. I will have to ask the caretaker's wife, the one who sits in her snug, little cottage lost amidst the mossy stones of the great Laurel Hill Cemetery.  She knits them sweaters and caps, but you already know that.

Cognoscenti of the breed say autumn's the time. Chill, crisp nights enliven the little buggers, who have been known to playfully nip an ear as they swoop low over Center City pedestrians. I love the way they chortle. 

As is the case with most vampiric variants, they can tolerate certain liquid refreshment and are particularly fond of Kool Aid, Orange Aid and the like. Cold pitchers left on rooftops make good bait. If rats are a problem, CD's of Walt Disney's DUMBO played on small battery powered CD devices draws them in too. 

One hears stories of over-indulged 'cherubs' kept as pets by strange, wealthy foster parents.

Tomorrow I'll tell you one of those...
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