Tuesday, July 2, 2013

About Time Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Rachel McAdams Movie HD.... the pixilated, paranormal, night-peiople I blog for love a picture like this... 7/03/13

It's about time for a picture like ABOUT TIME... Not only have hundreds of thousands of human beans seen the trailer, thousands actually bothered to take the time to click 'like.' And you know how stingy human beans are with their approval. 

As always, wanted to post the video up top, but something's wrong with my set-up, or the way I interpret it, so we gotta put the vid down below. Thus this is the part where my night-folk dance around....

Elferino-vamperinos aren't the only unusual creatures extant on the nighttime streets of Philadelphia. Cherubs are out there too. And, yes, they are a branch on the vampire family tree, but a cute, little delicate branch with baby green leaves and fat tushies. 

You see (like if you're new to this) 'cherubs' are babies... or rather they were babies at the time of their transformation. Won't go into how wrong that is, but it happens and now we have to deal with it. They gurgle. They coo. They smile and laugh with glee... Eternally innocent creatures who view the world with wide-eyed wonder. 

Some say ancients based Eros and Cupid on them, for they never kill, taking only tiny drinks as they flit from sleeper to sleeper, stitching lives together and spreading love... No arrows, just pointy, little tongues with rough, sharp tips used for piercing the skin and freeing the blood.

Have you ever been 'kissed?' .....
(more tomorrow). But the delightful, little 'teaser' below is magical too, so view it and enjoy.

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Oh, and another thing... Do you REALLY think TONTO would run around in the searing southwestern summer with THICK grease pain all over his face and a dead, decomposing bird on top of his head???  Bet his KIMOSABI must a had some kind a shorts or khakis too.... Jus' sayin'...

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