Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Roman Vampire, Janus, makes plans.... 8/11/13

In such ways is the culture of the Earth transformed. Janus did tell Clan Nesso about the rediscovered, once lost baby. Most members of the fold weren't interested at all, preferring imperial honors and holidays at Tivoli (huge, imperial pleasure villa) to a long lost (at least three generations) rescued baby with a strange predeliction for human blood.  I mean even it's great niece, the illustrious Livia-Minerva is long dead. And as things go, the story, plus the resultant feud meant far more than the actual, unknown, physical toddler.

But Janus knew the baby, or at least he felt like he did. So one night soon after, he set out to liberate the tiny, gurgling, blood-glutton from it's gloomy (though carefully decorated) tomb beneath the Villa Romila. 

You should know that independent actions on the part of vampire bodyguards are very rare and indeed criminal. They are bound to a family and essentially considered a preternatural extension of the tribe. They do what the patriarch would do, provided he had fangs and the ability to sublimate through walls, doomed humans and other solid chunks of matter. 

Yet Janus was different, probably because he was not originally Roman at all, but a Celt-Iberian interloper, thus more free-wheeling and mercurial than the taciturn, tradition-bound Central Italians. So he was willing to take the chance. Besides, he missed the rhythms and nuances of the Celtic year. That's why he picked Britania. Unlike his native Galicia in the northwest quadrant of Hispania, the nature cult of his people still ran true on the far off isle. On a superficial level it all looked Latin enough. Londinium was Baby Rome, after all, though the meals in the triclinia of the place featured local produce and Celtic methodology. Old gods hid under cumbersome togas and traditional magic peppered the stew of this northernmost redout where beer and mead trumped wine and bards were loved like champions. 

Before severing all ties and burning his bridges, Janus sought counsel with a certain, more experienced female vampire. I believe you've met her before. A Diana, or Persephone type. Wanders about in the nude, if memory serves me right. Established night-folk are forgiven their eccentricities. And what's one more naked demi-goddess to a nation that breeds them like flies?...
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