Thursday, September 26, 2013


She never 'ran.' She wanted to, but she never did. Shimmy Kate spent the rest of her life where she was. She never saw another full blooded human being again. She never ate ice cream or brushed her teeth or crapped in a toilet, not even in an outhouse. 

After a time the rest of them just stopped talking to her. Oh, they passed her food when they had it and bundled up with her on colder than usual bayou nights. But mostly they just let her be. She messed with the stuff wedged into the back of the cave. Early on, she listened to them three or four old records they had, but when the crank-it-up Victrola broke, what the hell good were a bunch of old records? Most of what they had back there was broke too. Wolfie-folk ain't too careful with their things.

Even her kids avoided her. Sometimes Papa Wolf would say - Go sit with your ma.... And they would, for like one hundred and seventy two heartbeats, til Papa Wolf forgot. Then they'd run off. Learned to 'shift' too. That came when they were about fourteen. The alpha, what was they papa, figured puberty had something to do with it. Looked like him too... all gray and black with green, piercing eyes. Green eyes is rare on natural wolves, but these here far from natural. 

Actually, it's not accurate to say that Shimmy Kate never saw another human being. She did see the ghost of that trucker guy she killed. Got used to it too, even though she never knew when he was gonna pop in. But always the same. Always the same. Never standin' up and walkin' in like a regular person. Just layin' there like a dead, cut-up corpse wit' its eyeballs missin'. But still able to 'see' her through them empty sockets. Ghosts got lots a strange talents. If you see 'em, you know..... He say - How you like it here?..... She go - Shut up and go to hell.... Ghost just laugh and disappear. Romulus and Remus never saw him, but they seen her talkin' to him. Everybody did. She just an old, crazy, human, hootchie woman... a mostly naked hootchie woman at that. Titties not look so fancy no more... jus' sad and long and dry. Sometimes she sing. She go - I got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down in my heart..... Not sing, so much as hum or mumble. But they don't pay her no mind. 

Soon, them two cub-sons she got start 'gettin' wit'' one a the wolfie-wimmen. She naturally a low caste one what stuck in partly wolf mode and can't be no person. But her suckers ain't. They like they daddies. They like Romulus and Remus. Old grandpop alpha wolf like that. He not so 'alpha' no more. He retired. Them high caste sons runnin' the 'government' now. Deal wit' humans and everything. Take kick-backs from moonshiners and gator poachers in return for 'protectin'' 'em. But alls 'protectin' means is they not get eat. Better class a junk back a that cave now. Got big, old battery powered radio and everything. Romulus like listenin' to the fights. Remus like Jack Benny...

So you know there gone be a war....
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