Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Did she ever forgive him for what was essentially a rape, or damn close to it?... No, she did not. But that thing kicks in, the 'Stockholm Syndrome' and remember there was Romulus and Remus too. They were hers. She loved them. So she stayed with them, nursing her babies who would grow up to be like princes of the wolf-folk. 

The alpha tried to make things pleasant for her. He caught pheasants and fat, little wriggling salamanders for her dinner. Shimmy Kate ate the pheasants. Taste like gamier chicken or slimy duck meat. The other stuff she gave to the other young ones in the pack. Once he brought back a baby. Said it was a monkey with the hair singed off. Maybe to wolf-folk like him they looked alike. But she knew and started to cry. He said he was sorry. She said - Couldn't you tell it was a baby? Didn't you see how much it resembled Romulus and Remus?..... He said he was sorry again. But he wasn't. Wolf-folk lie. So she took the dead baby from him and buried it outside the cave. Said a few prayers too. Never wanted to know who killed it, or how they killed it, 'cause she was tryin' not to go crazy as it is. Nobody ever poked 'round lookin' for no baby. But that didn't prove nothin'. Bayou folks got lots a extra 'suckers.' 'Fore she put it in the ground, Romulus and Remus sniffed it a little. You could tell they were sad. Might have the ability to shape-shift into werewolves, but the shape they shifted from was human and sometimes all that human stuff came out.

Alpha male never pestered her for no nookie-stuff no more. They talked and all. He was curious about her and she didn't want no trouble. Figured later, when it got warmer, she'd steal something. They had lots a old human crap lyin' 'round the back a the cave. Some of it was valuable. Maybe she could sell it in New Orleans and run away? 

But you can't run from wolf-folk, less they want you to run... less they want to get rid a you.... and then they mostly kill you..... mostly eat you too. 

Shimmy Kate was naive that way. She was naive 'bout a lot a things. Wolfie-wimmen used a laugh at her. She'd tell 'em to go to hell. But they didn't care. They just laughed some more.

One of 'em slipped Remus a piece a human ass-bacon an' he liked it too. 

Shimmy Kate made like she didn't know... 
But she did...
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