Monday, October 28, 2013


I am gone. I left the town house yesterday evening and now wander about somewhere in the western suburbs. Of course you know it is I, Jonathon, also known as Tomas. My thoughts manifest upon the screen via the fingers of wilkravitz. I project. He types. We've done it this way before. Our disembodied spirit 'helpers' don't like it, but they soon forget and are easily distracted. You know they travel at the speed of thought, so God knows where they are now. Mister Never-You-Mind likes casinos and whiskey bars. I know that. Baylah says she feels him sometimes around Atlantic City. And sometimes he feels showgirls. Zebulon likes to explore. He claims he's seen some of the other planets in our own star system. But I'm not sure he can do that. It's not that easy maintaining coherence so far from home in spirit form. Some extremely powerful vampires, like 'Papa' can do it, but other beings tend to diffuse into a weak and vaporous state. I don't know why, even after a thousand years. But that's just how it is.

So far I saved a suicidal boy walking along some train tracks. He knew the schedule. One was due to come by any minute. Dumb kid. Thought it'd be fast, instantaneous and painless. But that's not how it is. A body can live as long as the heart and lungs still work. That's why some poor souls burned at the stake trembled so long. Didn't scream anymore. Just trembled. Even the eyes would pop and explode. But they were still alive. I told the kid this. He said - Dude, how the hell do you know?..... I showed him my fangs. You know. I made that face. Didn't even scare him at all. He just went 'oh.' Asked if I had any money. Told him I didn't. Could get some. I could always call a 'familiar.' But he wanted it now. So I walked him over to this mall and we sublimated through the entrance. He liked that. Said he felt a buzz when the energy entered his body. You know, if a vampire holds someone real tight when they sublimate, that person goes with them. He closed his eyes. I told him too. Takes half a heartbeat , even less, and it's over. 

The mall was closed for the night. I suppose they have watchmen, but I never saw one. I'm sold they eat cheese sandwiches and bananas at a desk in front of security monitors. One night I'll look. Took the kid into a department store for sneakers and blue jeans. Wrote down all we took. Later, in a few days or so, I'll have one of my financial 'familiars' send a check. He wanted a leather jacket, but we couldn't get the plastic rope security thing off. And I didn't want to break it, because I didn't want to set off an alarm. Think he took a plastic bag full of tropical fish from a pet store too. Told him we'd have to get them home fast, or they'd freeze. Then I grabbed him and sublimated up through the air. He thought that part was cool. I knew he was afraid. I could feel his heart pound, but he'd never admit it. Now I don't know this area, so I couldn't ask him for directions. But I basically felt the route via telepathy and 'dropped' him in his parents' driveway eight minutes later. Old neighbor lady across the way saw us from her bathroom window. But he said she was mostly senile, so it didn't matter. He asked me what else I was gonna do. I said - I'm gonna kill a guy, but he shouldn't worry, 'cause it's a bad 'dude' I saw in a vision.... He said - Is that how vampires operate?.... I said - Yeah, that's how I do.... Kid just nodded. I said - You want to watch?... Then I gave him this little grin.... Kid goes - Nah. I once saw a dude accidentally hang himself at the circus. So that's OK.....I asked him if he was glad he didn't kill himself... He nodded. We said 'see ya' and I left. 

Twenty five minutes later I 'culled' a real low life outside a convenience store. He just robbed the place. Old Korean lady inside was all beat up. Gave her a few drops of blood to fix her up. She was happy to get her money back. Offered me a free Slurpee. A blue one, I think. Told her thanks, but no thanks. Then I left, just like the Lone Ranger. 

Just before dawn I went back to the mall and slept in a storage room. Place was filled with all this shrink wrapped Easter stuff, so I figured nobody's gonna go in there. Washed up in a little toilet. Even got a new pair a boxers with little Easter eggs all over them. For a vampire, living on the road is easy. Some don't live any other way.

Funny how my speech patterns change depending where I am. That's a night-folk survival mechanism. You should have heard me in Restoration London. 'Me thinks, gadzooks!' and all that. But if I spoke that way here it'd sound real schmucky

You know, there's not always a lot of big drama in a vampire's life. What you see on TV is just fiction. and I hope you all know that.


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