Sunday, October 27, 2013

THE BOOK OF JONATHON, also known as Tomas...... A VAMPIRE FACES REALITY... 10/27/13

The next night they wandered through the museums. Sarah liked that. She hadn't done it in a long time. One or two of the guards knew of their presence. Not that they understood exactly what they were, but they had an inkling. Strange things happen in a city as old as this. Of course I speak of New World standards. Europe, Africa and Asia have far older. But even that's not completely true. Some MesoAmerican cities go back thousands of years too. But I digress, as only a disembodied spirit who was in the flesh for a scant thirteen years can. It is I, Zebulon, the precocious Judean boy stoned for witchcraft back in the days of Rabbis Hillel and Yossi (known to the trinitarians as 'Jesus'). And please don't think such a thing was an ordinary event, for it was not.  One or two executions per century was the rule. I was but the victim of circumstance and the focus of many converging occurrences.

They sit in The Cloisters. Tomas and Sarah, I mean. It's dark, though a few discreet, tiny electric night lights shed a feeble glow. He likes this space. Reminds him of medieval Europe. Actually, the installation is quite authentic. Romanesque, I believe and brought over from the vicinity of  Rouen sometime after their First World War. We had many World Wars in Roman times.  In that respect, unfortunately, no age is unique.

They whispered. He spoke first - I know I can't change humanity. I can only change individual humans and maybe, in that way, I can change them all..... Then he just sat there gazing at the paving stones of that enclosed space meant for contemplation and quiet study.... What will you do? Are you going to leave right away? - she asked..... Not leave, wander - he said. Much as I did before this time. I don't know how far I'll go. I know I'll come back often. To the house, I mean. Maybe they'll still think of me as 'Dark Mister.' I don't know. Perhaps I'll give that role to Blackie. He'd like that..... Sarah nodded and said - You did copy the look from him.... Tomas smiled and nodded too..... I liked it in the woods - he said.  Some nights were peaceful. The spirits have their gentle moments. Last night's story isn't an every night thing. They don't like humans. But most people never penetrate too deep.  and I didn't count..... So you're gonna be a nature boy? - she said..... No, just sometimes. I'll still be around here. You'll see me a lot, relatively speaking. But I won't stay at the house all the time. And I won't restrict myself to Center City. If I find other night-folk who resent that, we'll work it out. I'm not afraid of them. You know what I got from 'Papa.' I'm fairly powerful. The ones I'm liable to find round here don't scare me. And I don't think they scare you either. Look, you'll still have the house. Conrad and what's-his name... Leo - she said.... Yes, Leo - he added. Isn't he dead?.... I don't know - she said. I can't tell anymore. It's like we're bits of meat in soup. Sometimes we're stirred to the top. Sometimes we sink to the bottom. Peek-a-boo, I see you. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. I have to tell you, being a vampire is a really strange way to live. ... He hugged her and said - Believe me, I know.

So they passed through the galleries looking at paintings. The guards seemed to avoid them. Maybe due to vampire magic? Then they sublimated up through the vast building. You know it. You've seen it in ROCKY, and passed through the cold, night air (in itself, a kind of sublimation too), drifting over the city, til they settled on the roof of the townhouse and watched the sky turn gray. Then Sarah went inside. But Jonathon, also known as Tomas did not, preferring to find a different place to hide. 

For years upon years he was stuck in a moment, trying to change the world. Now he's on a different path and seeks to change himself.

That's all I'm going to tell you now. If you want, this would be a good time to scroll back a post and listen to that song. It suits the mood quite well. 

Zebulon says 'good night.'


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