Thursday, November 14, 2013

Behind 'The Magic' IS 'The Magic'..... 11/15/13

THE MER-FOLK POOL - Tomas sits on the edge, bathed in the pale undulating light reflecting up from the water. He tosses live, baby humbolt squid to the outlandish, aquatic humanoids.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN and his assistant, the lovely physician-vampire known as LUNA, observe from adjacent glass walled room.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Look how they twist off the heads... so clean... so fast... so neat.

LUNA - Shame to waste the tentacles. I hear they're very sweet.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Not 'wasted' my dear. The young ones get the heads as they sink beneath the surface. I think we have three of four of them in there now. It's a teaching thing. The beaks, you know. They must be taught to pinch out the beaks.

LUNA - How long will we keep them?

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - That's not for me to say. It's entirely up to them. Volunteers, my dear, brought here from a colony just beyond the mouth of the Chesapeake. Imagine, mer-folk inhabiting off-shore waters once again. They never liked the Mid-Atlantic Ridge... so dark... so cold... so remote. But they were safe there so they made do. 

LUNA just stares at Tomas. DOCTOR FRANKLIN notices and goes on...

... That one is a remarkable specimen, don't you think? I've dealt with others... older ones... younger ones... all kinds... 'you.' But Tomas, or Jonathon, or whoever he styles himself knows things.... (he studies her and says) Do you still want him?

The physician - vampire, focused on her one-time enamorada doesn't respond. DOCTOR FRANKLIN draws his own conclusions and smiles, as a bare Tomas puts down the empty bucket and slides off the edge to join his aqueous friends.

FOCUS ON underwater shot of the vampire swimming amidst the others.


CLOSE UP... a man's face... one of The RED PAINT PEOPLE... notice how he favors Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise, but then again they all do... He speaks...

RED PAINT MAN - Beyond 'the magic' is 'the magic.' Each manifestation a reflection of what went before. Passed every door is another room and each has an open door.

PULL BACK.... He sits  at the kitchen table in the Center City, Philadelphia townhouse. EDITH serves dinner to her Jersey Pine Barren guests. She knows the RED PAINT FOLKS from way back. All the males have that Jean-Luc Picard look and all the females favor Olympic Skier, Peekaboo Street. No one responds. They just cut their meat and silently chew.

EDITH - (puts dessert on the table) Well, who wants pie?

The warm, fragrant, apple-filled delight slides down the table, coming to a stop before one of the RED PAINT males...

EDITH - Help yourself.

FADE TO the shadowy, blue, undulating depths of the mer-folk pool back at DOCTOR FRANKLIN'S underground complex.

FOCUS ON Tomas' enigmatically smiling face. His hair floats out around him... 

He opens his mouth, releasing a cloud of live, swimming, baby seahorses... The tiny young ones race to the surface, transforming into bubbles that burst and disappear...


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John L. Harmon said...

"Shame to waste the tentacles." sounds like a great tagline for a Chinese buffet!

I really enjoy the posts that are written like a script. Somehow the characters really pop when viewed this way.