Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FLY AWAY ALL..How Vampires Might Preserve The Human Species .. 11/13/13

And there were other rivulets on the surface of Tomas' brain. Doctor Franklin's armonica sees all. Nothing can hide from him. The mortal Tomas loved smooth, Moroccan halvah and sweet, sesame candies from confectioners in Cadiz. He liked to ride the fine Arabians in his father's stables (gifts from the son of the khalif) deep into the orange Andalucian evenings. And the jam filled, deep fried chorizos served during The Feast of The Re-Dedication (Hanukah) were, in his boyhood opinion, sublime.

But these were mortal memories. His vampire mind knew other things. 'Papa,' the one who conjured him knows everything. He knows who swims beneath the icy crust of Europa and the resting place of many highly coveted relics. Indeed, the venerable, old one claims once to have touched the golden veneer of The Arc of The Covenant, the only thing in human possession wrought by The Hand of God.  Why he did not die, I do not know. Perhaps the fact that as a vampire he was already 'officially' dead might have saved him?

Have you ever wondered why 'vampirismo' is so big in the world these days? For the passed thirty seven years I'd say. Well, fifty five years hence (from nineteen seventy six in the trinitarian calender) I mean, Nibiru comes. And according to ancient lore, when it does, we go. Kadur Ha'Arets (Planet Earth) will be no more. But that is only what nihilists think. They revel in end times and have little faith. Johannon, the teller of this tale, and one time bodyguard and servant to the mortal Jonathon (also known as Tomas) feels quite differently about this matter. The world will be perfected. And humans will at last become perfect vessels for The Divine Presence.

Though Tomas (also known as Jonathon) walked with night-folk too. Indeed, he became one. And while still steeped in the faith of his fathers, shares certain beliefs with the vampires, incredulous as that may seem. The year '2032' is one of them. Nibiru, the Death World returns, shattering our God-given haven and killing the Children of Eve. Now to me, the spirit known as Johannon, you should excuse the expression, this is hogwash. But I will explain what kernels of belief lie within the 'vampire' Tomas' brain. 

He and certain others of his kind see themselves as saviors, charged with preserving a remnant and rising with them into the firmament (note I said 'firmament' and not heaven) before the ultimate destruction, there to find purchase upon another world.

But in order to survive that remnant must be changed. Mortals can't sublimate up from the Earth. Only vampires can do that. So vampires they must be.... a preserved number of humanity, though anything but human... well, not in the true sense. 

'Papa' taught him these things, or passed them on to him, I should say. Nibiru is a Sumerian 'thing' and you know what pagans they were. 

So answer me this.... Do you think your children will die a most grievous and horrific death eighteen years from now? Is that what's in your heart? For the heart knows many things.

And most of them are true.....

Can you hear the chords of the armonica?....
Shhhh... listen...


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