Friday, November 29, 2013


I am the disembodied spirit narrator known as Johannon, one time servant, companion and bodyguard to the young and at that time, mortal Tomas. And I still hover near him. Sometimes he feels my presence, but not always. We who you call ghosts are everywhere. Some trace the streets they walked in life. Others curl up in much loved houses. A few hold vigil o're their ruined corpses. And please don't think we are tied to any one place, for we are not.  I've been to Heaven and other exotic realms, but Earth still attracts me. So I'm here and this night the 'voice' is mine.

Tomas is in 'that' mood again. He wants to do good. He wants to save people. Life-eaters are like that. Most of them have always been like that. Sentimental fools they are... The blood does that. I don't know if the blood is always magic, or if it's their bodies that make it magic, or if it's just the 'magic.' But the world is a very special place and most people are afraid to admit it. 

Sarah is with him. They walk down the street, dressed warm against the dark-time chill.  The cold can't hurt them. Tiny animicules (an-ah-mik-u-els... old name for microbes) eat them not. She wears a long, shearling lined trench coat. He sports yet another soft, warm black, leather, hip length jacket too. Knit caps... They have knit caps. Edith makes them. She likes to crochet, you know. His is black. Hers is ivory... big, thick yarn... Almost angora. Well insulated against the cold, damp air they are. 

Soon they come to a coffee shop and go in. Not a smart place. Not trendy... No sleek, leather sofas and cozy hearths. Just a coffee shop... A scaled down dinner with doughnuts, eggs and maybe grilled cheese, or ham sandwiches. They sit in a corner booth and order coffee. Waitress brings them a copy of some Center City arts and events paper from a pile on the counter. They thank her. She goes away. 

Sarah (whispers) - Is she the one?
Tomas nods - Yes. I've been watching her. She's sick. I can tell. There's a pallor. And her boyfriend has a limp. Something with his hip. Doesn't hear very well either. 
Sarah - Will she die?
He nods again.
Someone else enters... the boyfriend. He takes a stool at the counter. Manager/cashier says 'hi, how you doin'?'
Boyfriend says - Leg hurts so bad...
Manager/cashier sighs and shakes his head in sympathy, before refocusing on his Japanese number puzzle book.
Waitress brings her boyfriend a grilled cheese sandwich, then leans over to kiss the top of his head. 
He's a little bit pudgy, but not much. A nice, hard working, hard luck couple they are.
Tomas whispers - Saving for a wedding. One parent left. Her mother. He's got a younger sister. She lives with him. Old, rundown building. Smells like cabbage. I think she's a little slow. And you want to know something? Every time he goes by a red kettle Santa, always throws something in. What are they gonna have... for the wedding, I mean... like sixty, seventy five people? I hear them talk. Place charges twenty nine dollars a head. Wants to get her a ring too.... (discreetly studies them) Oh, God. They are so alone...... (then he just sits and stares at his coffee)..
Sarah - Are you going to 'help' them?
He nods and says - But I don't want to make a big thing out of it. They don't know about us. I don't want them to think.... I just don't want it to be like that. Let them think the world isn't that bad. Let them think it all just worked out. They need the blood. They need that. Just a little bit. Just enough to make them well. Don't know how I'm gonna get it to them, but I'll figure it out.
Sarah - Do you want me to do it? Sometimes it's easier for a girl.
He shrugs, then adds - One of my 'familiars' is going to offer him a job. General office-help, I think. Messenger, actually for a brokerage house near the stock exchange. We're gonna pay him thirty five thousand a year. It's my money, you know.... Gonna find something for her too soon, but don't know what. (silence for a few heartbeats) I want them to have that wedding. I want them to live somewhere nice.....
Manager/cashier - Closing in ten minutes!
Tomas and Sarah leave a tip, get up, pay their bill and exit.
We see them quietly wait a little way off, behind a bus shelter.
Later, when the struggling couple leaves ( those coats don't look too warm) and turns down the sidewalk the two vampires silently follow.
Tomas (voice over) I like to make sure they get in alright.
Then we fade to a shot of Tomas and Sarah, arm in arm, walking back to the townhouse, down a dark, empty street. They retreat from the camera and round a corner. 
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