Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Vampire Couple Tomas and Sarah Just talk to Each Other ...... 12/1/13

They sat together in a tiny warm, room off the kitchen. I suppose it used to be a housekeeper's office, or something like that. Edith doesn't use it. She has a desk in the actual kitchen with a  lap-top. Not that she's an expert, but she can do simple things. Her chores are not to ornery. especially in a home where few people really eat. 

Tomas and Sarah like this sheltered space. They sit on the love-seat and talk. The curtains are drawn. It's quiet. Old prints in thick ivory mattes and neat, black frames line the walls. They face a console table supporting a ten gallon aquarium. Small neon tetras dart about in the clear, oxygenated water. A man comes in bi-weekly to keep it so. The rich green plants are especially nice. And slow moving angel fish provide a welcome contrast to their nervous, brightly hued brethren. The lights are low... a small. porcelain, ginger jar lamp... a subtle blue glow from the self-contained water world. Sometimes they read in there, but this time they don't.

Sarah talks about the poor couple from the coffee shop. She says - I did it. I got them to take the blood. Do you want to know what I did?....... Tomas does know. He's fairly telepathic. Most vampires get that way after a certain time, but he likes to hear her voice, so he nods.... She goes - Cordials, cherry cordials. Not the cheap ones. Not the dollar ninety nine ones from the drug store, the good ones from the confectioner's on Nineteenth Street. I remember them from before, when I was still mortal. Not too sweet. Just good. So I sent a box. Made like it was a gift. There's an old lady who goes in there every night. Gets almost the same dinner every time. She sits. She talks with them. They talk to her. They like her. I signed her name on the card. When they thank her and they will. She won't know. She's ninety one years old. She's forgetful. Probably just say 'you're welcome,' and blush a little. But I had the girl in the back, at the confectioner's, I mean, inject them. I gave her the vials. She knows what they are., because I gave her one when she was sick. She's like a 'familiar,' No, she IS a 'familiar.' She's MY familiar...... Tomas hugged her, as she added - I walked by there last night and went in. got a coffee. Sat and watched. He came in near closing like always and I could tell. I could see it. They were better. And so's the mother and so's the other one. They must have had some too. I'm just glad it worked..... She stared at the fish and smiled. He kissed her.

Then he said - You, my dear, are a true vampirina, a good soul, a light in the darkness. Imagine, before The Inquisition, that's how they saw us. That's what we were. That's what we did. Most of us are still like that... Most.... But she knew what he meant. Some night-folk after years and years and years of the same lies start to believe it. They doubt. They grow fearful and tragically, allow themselves to be defined by their enemies.

Tomas - she said. What about 'the magic?' A few nights ago you had it all figured out. Now what?....... I don't know - he whispered. Ask me tomorrow and I'll know again. Ask me the week after and... he shook his head..... Remember when we were in London at that 'Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn' house, or whatever it was? I knew then. Imagine, meeting Marcus Aurelius and all..... How about Mister Old Bones? A Neanderthal vampire. What about that? - she said. ... He just nodded and stared at the fish.

Maybe two hundred heartbeats later Edith came in with warm cider. Vampires like that. Cinnamon-apple flavors and aromas are a big thing to them. Then he lounged back and began to read, an old leather-bound copy of Dickens, I think it was. Sarah thumbed through an impossibly thick, glossy fashion magazine, but then she dozed. The little ghost boy, the polio victim, from the cellar came in to see the fish. Tomas smiled at him. The ghost boy likes the fish and they seem to like him too.

Maybe tomorrow night our vampires will take to the streets and save the world once again. But not tonight.

Sometimes they just sit and rest...


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John L. Harmon said...

Angel fish and sitting and resting...just what the supernatural doctor prescribed!