Friday, January 17, 2014


SCENE: Vast underground chipped cinder-block chamber housing old Stalinist version of Doctor Franklin's Grand Armonica. (harmonic science apparatus). A few miraculously still working, ancient flickering fluorescent tubes bathe all in a weak, blue glow. Strange hybridized creatures gleefully watch from the shadows, as Doctor Benjamin Franklin (indefinitely preserved by his own arcane discoveries & sporting his signature, deep green Eagles sweatsuit) runs about like a crazed alchemist, controlling and fine tuning his huge device. [see previous posting for description]. Watch him race from pillar to post, white hair streaming behind, as he hums and whispers to himself.

A few other 'mortal' humans assist on the periphery. Two or three ape-human mixes (descendants of cruel, Stalinist experiments) shuffle through a door, but some of the assistants (with the aid of cattle prods) shew them away. 

The temporarily 'ghostly' vampire, Russian oligarch known as Grigori Usipov sublimates up through the old, worn, linoleum tiled floor, walks toward Doctor Franklin and stops.

GRIGORI USIPOV - How much longer?

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - Be patient. Be patient, my good man.
(he adjusts a toggle causing a heavy, resonant thrum to fill the room)

Two 'pin-heads' among the outlandish mixes toward the corners cackle maniacally and caper about, as hellish moans seep through the walls from other places within the complex.


Assistants lead a chained human-ape thing (wearing a ridiculous pair of Speedos) into the chamber. It's obvious the creature is drugged and scared. They approach the apparatus. Doctor Franklin strokes it reassuringly.

Others carry in a long, glass-like sealed cylinder, containing an ethereal, imprisoned ghost. The ghost seems panicked. He's losing it. But the ape-man thing is beyond caring. And one hundred and forty heartbeats later the apfen -mensch is secured within a confining cage at one end of the apparatus, while the clear cylinder holding the terrified spirit gets locked into its own slot.


Assistants go into their dance, flipping switches, pushing toggles, donning goggles and snug, black, rubber aprons. They offer one to Doctor Franklin. He waves them away.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - No, no, no, I like it. It tickles. 

Then it starts. The immense, heavy, crystal discs begin to rotate 'round the huge, brass-toned axle. Little by little the vast, deep tones start to coalesce into a song... 'The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down' ... and it plays and repeats and grows stronger and deeper and faster.

Off 'round the edges the strange altered humans grow wide eyed and silent, as the ape-man begins to scream and the ghost begins to moan.

Blinding arcs buzz and crackle from large electro-magnets mounted about the room. The tones shift and change. Now it's well known Aida aria Nessun Dorma with a sound that approaches angel-song.

Then we reach the crescendo and it stops...... The very air grows still.... Everyone waits....

Doctor Franklin hauls himself up some ladder-like, metal stairs, the better to examine the ape-thing. He pokes it. It's still. He waits a heartbeat or two and pokes it again. The ape-man stirs. It shudders and trembles. 

The DOCTOR gestures toward the large, glass-like cylinder and snaps his fingers, all the time keeping his eyes on the creature. Two assistants turn to inspect it. Condensation on the inner surface begins to clear. No ghost. It's empty!... They look toward the DOCTOR. He looks toward them, They nod.... He nods. The ape-man opens his eyes.

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - It's alive! He's alive!!

And he laughs in triumph, as the newly imprisoned spirit starts to babble (in Russian) and rant and scream.

The pin-heads clap and sing 'Happy Birthday.'

DOCTOR FRANKLIN - (in a loud voice) Bring in the haberdasher's assistant!..... (that means the Russian prisoner)

The temporarily homeless ghost-like spirit of Grigori Usipov seems pleased.....

One of the few remaining fluorescent lights crackles and goes dark.


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