Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RESURRECTION??.... 1/16/13

A deep subliminal thrum filled the complex. The pin-heads laughed as they dipped their grimy fingers into sixty seven year old jars of irradiated mayonnaise, savoring each big, gloppy mouthful. I don't know who gave it to them. I don't know who opened it. But they gleefully huddled back in a corner, slurping up what looked like mummified lumps of melted elephants' teeth, as they watched Doctor Franklin work.

The old reprobate hopped about, pulling levers and pushing toggles on the ancient control panel. Huge, thick, crystal discs began to turn. The Grand Armonica came to life, filling the underground cavernous chamber with a sound like angels moaning. Sometimes one of the surviving ape-human things peeked through the door. But Usipov's familiars squeamishly shewed them away (then quickly wiped their hands with sheet after sheet of drippy, chemically sweet, imported, Ukrainian Handi-Wipes). Franklin took a swig of some Cyrillic labeled clear liquor. He hoped it was liquor. He hoped it was vodka. Could have been one of them daily 'no scrub' shower sprays. Who knows? They taste like that too, you know.
CUT! This is Billy, the one who channels the blog. I can't take staying up this late anymore. It gives me restless-leg-syndrome. My knee's bouncin' SO fast, pictures on the wall are vibrating. I wanna go upstairs, get in bed, read a page or two about pre-human, rat-like primates (it's a comedy), stick my ear buds in what hopefully turns out to be the right opening and listen to  the all-alien, all-bigfoot, all-mermaids who killed Kennedy radio call-in show.

So PLEASE understand as I say 'good night.' [the space between these brackets represents when I stumbled into the kitchen to scarf down the remnants of some cold deli meat. I think it's some new kind of turkey-pig cross breed. they can do that now.] Tomorrow we'll go back to what's going on in Russia. .... [he  gets up..turns off the television.. double checks the burglar alarms & cameras and all.. looks at himself in the mirror.. makes his action hero face.. turns off the light and pulls himself up the stairs...... then he runs down again to get a pack of AAA batteries for the little ear-bud radio, so he can hear about how a camera on Mars caught Elaine Stritch thumbin' her nose right at the lens. that Mars is a crazy place.]


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